Burgess ~ First Generation

  The first definitely known generation of the Burgess family commences in Scotland. There are records of one or more occurrences of George Burgess, Weaver, in Perth, Scotland, in Ancestry (Perth Scotland, Register of Deeds) but it was a fairly common name and occupation and it has not been possible to definitely tie those records into this George Burgess.

Born Scotland.
Occupation Weaver.

Marr 8 July 1776 in Perth, Perth, Scotland to
Jean MacGRIGOR, born Scotland, daughter of John MacGRIGOR. (Ref IGI for marriage index, and parish records.) The parish record states 'Jean MacGrigor daughter of John MacGrigor weaver in the Parish of Auchtergaven'.

There are several versions of spelling in different documents.

In the Old Parish Register 387 Perth Vol. 22, 1776 Perth:
"George Burges Weaver in Perth and Jean MacGrigor daughter of John MacGrigor Weaver in the Parish of Auchtergaven both in the Parish of Perth. Elder John Clark. The above persons were regularly proclaimed and married July the eighth day by Mr. Moodie minister at Perth. June the twenty ninth day one thousand seven hundred and seventy six years contracted.”

Another version, transcribed by JDG from the Perth parish records at LDS:
"Perth June twentyninth day 1776 contracted.George Burges weaver in Perth and Jean McGrigor daughter to John McGrigor weaver in the Parish of Auchtergaven, both in this Parish. Elder John Clark. The above persons were regularly proclaimed and married July the eight day Mr Moodier Minister at Perth."

There are large discrepancies in the spelling of Jean's surname. The marriage index has McGRIGOR but the full record has MacGRIGOR. And the births of the children have GRIGOR, MACGRIGOR, GREGOR, McGRIGOR and MacGREGOR.


IGI record

Parish records
1. Thomas BURGES born 1777  
2. Robert BURGES born 1778  
3. Isobel BURGES born 1780  
4. Peter BURGES born 1784  
5. John BURGESS born 1786  
6. George BURGESS born 1788  
7. Mary BURGESS born 1789  
8. Jean BURGES born 1792  
9. James BURGESS born 1794  
10. Isobell BURGES born 1796  

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