Gale ~ Second Generation

    Issue of John Gale and Susanna Pick  
1.   John GALE
Bap of John Gale 20 May 1764 at Oadby, Leicester, son of John and "Shusanna" Gale (ref fmp Leicestershire Baptisms image).

Marriage 25 Jan 1790 at Oadby, Leicestershire of John Gale to Deborah WARD; Banns; witnesses Samuel Pick, Elizabeth Gale (ref fmp Leicestershire Marriages image). Bap of Deborah Ward 13 Jan 1768 at Oadby, Leicestershire, dau of William & Mary Ward (ref fmp Leicestershire Baptisms). This was William Ward and Mary Oswin, see the WARD TREE.


IGI records

  1. William GALE bap 1790 at Oadby, Leicester  
  2. Elizabeth GALE bap 1792 at Oadby, Leicester  
  3. Ann GALE bap 1793 at Oadby, Leicester  
  4. John GALE bap 1796 at Oadby, Leicester  
  5. Thomas GALE bap 1797 at Oadby, Leicester  
  6. Deborah GALE bap 1799 at Oadby, Leicester  
  7. James GALE bap 1802 at Oadby, Leicester  
  8. Samuel GALE bap 1803 at Oadby, Leicester  
  9. Mary GALE bap 1810 at Oadby, Leicester
2.   Frances GALE
Bap 14 May 1766 at Oadby, Leicester (ref IGI).

She is probably the Frances Gale who had 2 children before marriage and then married 7 Aug 1796 at Oadby Leicester to Richard MARKRAM (ref IGI).

Richard may have had other children: William with wife Ann, in 1794, and Elizabeth with wife Sarah in 1795 (ref IGI, not on my IGI page). Ann and Sarah could be the same person. Otherwise there would have to be another Richard Markram in Oadby of about the same age.

Ref 1841 census. Leicestershire, England. Civil Parish of Oadby. Registration district of Blaby. Address: Oadby.
Richard Markram. Age 75. Ag Lab. Born in Leicestershire.

Frances' death not found.
There is a death reg of Richard Markham Dec qtr 1847 at Blaby dist (ref FreeBMD).

IGI records

1841 census
    Children of Frances:  
  1. John GALE bap 1788 at Oadby, Leicester  
  2. Thomas GALE bap 1794 at Oadby, Leicester  
    Children of Frances and Richard:  
  3. Thomas MARKRAM bap 1797 at Oadby, Leicester  
  4. Richard MARKRAM bap 1799 at Oadby, Leicester  
  5. Robert MARKRAM bap 1802 at Oadby, Leicester  
  6. Susanna MARKRAM bap 1805 at Oadby, Leicester  
  7. Samuel MARKRAM bap 1808 at Oadby, Leicester
3.   Ann GALE
Bap 8 Jul 1768 at Oadby, Leicester (ref IGI).
IGI records
4.   Elizabeth GALE
Bap 30 Apr 1771 at Oadby, Leicester (ref IGI).

Married 26 May 1795 at Wigston Magna, Leicester to John HARDING (ref LDS member in IGI).

Not found in 1841 census.

Ref 1851 census. Leicestershire, England. Civil Parish of Wigston Magna. Registration District of Blaby. Address: Bullhead Street, Wigston Magna.
Together with her son William and his large family:
Elizabeth Harding. Mother. Widow. Age 80. Pauper. Born Leics, Oadby.

There are several deaths of Elizabeth Harding at Blaby in 1852.

IGI records

1851 census
  1. Joseph HARDING bap 1796 at Wigston, Leicester  
  2. Joseph HARDING bap 1802 at Wigston, Leicester  
  3. William HARDING bap 1804 at Wigston, Leicester  
  4. Sarah HARDING bap 1806 at Wigston, Leicester  
  5. John HARDING bap 1816 at Wigston, Leicester
5.   William GALE
Bap 3 Feb 1774 at Oadby, Leicester (ref IGI).

Marr reg 12 Dec 1796 at Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire to Isabella WALKER (ref IGI).
IGI records
  1. Samuel GALE bap 1797 at Oadby, Leicester  
  2. Mary GALE bap 1798 at Oadby, Leicester  

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