Tarrant ~ 1891 Census
Night of 5th April 1891


of Head
London, England. Civil Parish of St Pancras. Ecclesiastical Parish of St Pancras Parish Church. Registration district of Pancras. Source RG12/122/15/124. Household sched 170. Address: 8 Sandwich Street, St Pancras.
Joseph E Weatherhead. Head. Mar. Age 40. Vocal Comedian. Born Kennington, Berkshire.
Lucy Weatherhead. Wife. Mar. Age 39. Born Northmore, Oxfordshire.
Martha L Weatherhead. Dau. Age 14. Vocalist. Born Oxford.
Edith L Weatherhead. Dau. Age 6. Scholar. Born St Pancras, London.
William A Weatherhead. Age 2. Scholar. Born St Pancras, London.
Adeline E K Weatherhead. Age 2 m. Born St Pancras, London.
London, England. Civil Parish of Islington. Registration district of Islington. Source RG12/174/21/36. Household sched 209. Address: 4 Wolsey Rd.
George Tarrant. Head. Mar. Age 40. Waiter. Born Oxford.
Agnes Tarrant. Wife. Mar. Age 37. Born Scotland.
Alfred Tarrant. Son. Age 7. Scholar. Born London.
Maud A Tarrant. Dau. Age 4. Scholar. Born London.
Annie L Tarrant. Dau. Age 3. Born London.
Henry A Tarrant. Son. Age 9 mths. Born London.
London, England. Civil Parish of Islington. Ecclesiastical Parish of St Johns. Registration district of Islington. Source RG12/174/182/23. Household sched 162. Address: 14 Riversdale Road, Islington.
William J Weatherhead. Head. Mar. Age 33. Certificated Teacher. Born South Hinksey, Oxfordshire.
Annie Weatherhead. Wife. Mar. Age 30. Born Faversham, Kent.
William H Weatherhead. Son. Age 6. Born Camden Town, London.
Annie L Weatherhead. Dau. Age 5. Born St Paul, London.
Nellie M Weatherhead. Dau. Age 1. Born Islington, London.
Surrey, England. Civil Parish of Aldershot. Ecclesiastical Parish of St Michael. Registration district of Farnham. Source RG12/567/109/23. Address: The 1st Battallion Incameramans Scottish Rifles, Quartered in the West Infantry Barracks, Aldershot.
Joseph Weatherhead. Single. Age 18. Private Army Infantry. Born Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Berkshire, England. Civil Parish of South Hinksey. Town of New Hinksey. Source RG12/977/90/36. Household sched 9. Address obscure.
Henry Weatherhead. Head. M. Age 71. Paper Maker. Born Pool, Middlesex.
Margaret Weatherhead. Wife. M. Age 67. Born Oxford, Oxon.
Edmund Weatherhead. Son. M. Age 39. Tailor.
Middlesex, England. Civil Parish of Willesden. Ecclesiastical parish of St John. Source RG12/1046/147/60. Household sched 419. Address: 77 Percy Road, Willesden.
Henry A Weatherhead. Head. M. Age 40. Waiter (?). Born Thame, Oxford.
Sally Weatherhead. Wife. M. Age 39. Born Thame, Oxford.
Henry W Weatherhead. Son. Age 12. Scholar. Born London.
Edward E Weatherhead. Son. Age 10. Scholar. Born London.
Maud Weatherhead. Dau. Age 6. Scholar. Born London.
Leonard Weatherhead. Son. Age 4. Scholar. Born London. Blind one eye.
Stanley Weatherhead. Son. Age 2. Born London.
Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of Iffley. Ecclesiastical parish of St Mary Littlemore. Registration district of Headington. Source RG12/1163/121/18. Household sched 151. Address: 20 West View, Iffley, Oxford.
Benjamin Wethered. Head. Mar. Age 37. House Painter. Born Kennington, Berkshire.
Elizabeth Wethered. Wife. Mar. Age 40. Born Moreton, Berkshire.
Susan E Wethered. Dau. Age 9. Scholar. Born Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Alice Wethered. Dau. Age 6. Scholar. Born Wheatley, Oxfordshire.
Sarah Wethered. Dau. Age 4. Born Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Henry Wethered. Son. Age 6m. Born Iffley, Oxfordshire.
Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of Cowley. Ecclesiastical parish of Cowley St John. Registration district of Headington. Source RG12/1164/72/23. Household sched 148. Address: 26 Magdalen Road, Cowley, Oxford.
In the home of Henry John Brooks (35), Coal Dealer & Milkman:
Herbert Thomas Pike. Lodger. Widower. Age 47. Tailor. Born Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of St Aldgate. Registration district of Oxford. Source RG12/1167/63/34. Household sched 218. Address: 216 Marlborough St, St Aldgate.
Alfred Weatherhead. Head. M. Age 42. College Servant. Born Berks, Kennington.
Louisa Weatherhead. Wife. M. Age 39. Born Oxford.
Alfred Weatherhead. Son. Age 17. Tram Conductor. Born Berks, Hinksey.
Margaret Weatherhead. Dau. Age 14. Born Berks, Hinksey.
William Weatherhead. Son. Age 12. Milk Carrier. Born Oxford.
Gertrude Weatherhead. Dau. Age 6. Born Oxford.
Ernest Weatherhead. Dau. Age 4. Born Oxford.
Louisa Weatherhead. Dau. Age 2. Born Oxford.
Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of St Ebbe. Source RG12/1168/55/5. Household sched 44. Address: 18 Paradise Sq, Oxford.
Mary Tarrant. Head. Widow. Age 60. Laundress. Born Oxon, Culham.
Wm Woodward. Cousin. M. Age 38. Hotel Waiter. Born Oxon, Oxford.
Louisa Woodward. Cousin. M. Age 28. Born Oxon, Bicester.
Somersetshire, England. Civil Parish of Wilton. Registration district of Taunton. Source RG12/1876/57/17. Household sched 107. Address: Wheatleigh, Hains Hill, Wilton, Taunton.
Together with a large household (Badcock family):
Phoebe Weatherhed. Servant. Single. Age 19. Kitchen Domestic Servant. Born Oxford.
Warwickshire, England. Civil Parish of Holy Trinity. Ecclesiastical parish of St Mark. Town of Coventry. Registration district of Coventry. Source RG12/2455/94/20. Household sched 136. Address: 8 Arthur St, Coventry.
Thomas Wormald. Head. M. Age 37. Steel cradle spring fitter. Born Warwickshire, Coventry.
Martha J Wormald. Wife. M. Age 37. Born Warwickshire, Coventry.
George Wormald. Son. Age 4. Born Warwickshire, Coventry.
Yorkshire, England. Civil Parish of Bowling. Ecclesiastical parish of St Stephens. Registration district of Bradford. Source RG12/3618/5/4. Household sched 21. Address: 83 Bismarck St, Bowling.
Emma A Brain. Head. Wid. Age 39. Born Oxfordshire, Oxford.
Josiah Brain. Son. S. Age 18. Woolsorter. Born Warwickshire, Stoneleigh.
Emma A Brain. Dau. S. Age 16. Worsted Spinner. Born Warwickshire, Stoneleigh.
Yorkshire (West Riding), England. Civil Parish of Manningham. Ecclesiastical parish of St Philips. Registration district of Bradford. Source RG12/3636/88/34. Household sched 205. Address: 168 Ingleby Street, Manningham, Bradford.
Eselby Storey. Head. Mar. Age 32. Stripper & Grinder Wool Combing. Born Bradford, Yorkshire.
Julia Storey. Wife. Mar. Age 33. Born Coventry, Warwickshire.
Alfred Storey. Son. Age 9. Scholar. Born Bradford, Yorkshire.
Amy Ann Storey. Dau. Age 5. Scholar. Born Bradford, Yorkshire.
Josiah Tarrant. Father in Law. Widower. Age 75. Living on his own means. Born Oxford, Oxfordshire.
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