Tarrant ~ First Generation

    Issue of Michael Terry/Tarrant and Esther Crapper  
1.   Ann TERRY
Baptism of Ann Terry 1779 at St-Peter-Le-Bailey, Oxford (ref Oxford source).
Burial of Ann TERREY on 17 May 1780 at St Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford; the record transcription states "May 17 TERREY Ann d Michel & Ester" (record obtained from Oxford source).
2.   Martha Ann TERRY
Baptism of Martha Ann Terry 1781 at St-Peter-Le-Bailey, Oxford (ref Oxford source).
3.   John TERRY
Baptism of John Terry 1782 at St-Peter-Le-Bailey, Oxford (ref Oxford source).
4.   Michael TARRANT
Born c1783 at Oxford.

In 1797 Michael was apprenticed to Noah Crapper whom I believe to be his maternal uncle:
3119 TARRANT Mic s of Esther T of Oxf widow to Noah CRAPPER clothes scourer for 7 yrs from 24 July last. Enr 24 Aug [1797]. Margin: 21." (Oxford City Apprentices by Malcolm Graham, supplied by Oxford source).

Married MARY.

Her death was most likely on 23 Nov 1819 as follows.
"Tuesday died, leaving a large family to lament their loss, Mrs. Terry, wife of Mr. Michael Terry, many years carrier between this city and Faringdon." (ref British Newspapers, Oxford University and City Herald, Sat 27 Nov 1819)
  1. Hester TARRANT bap 1805 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  2. Michael TARRANT (1) bap 1807 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  3. Sarah TERRY (TARRANT) bap 1808 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  4. Mary Ann TERRY (TARRANT) bap 1810 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  5. William TERRY (TARRANT) bap 1811 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  6. James TERRY bap 1813 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  7. Michael TERRY/TARRANT (2) bap 1817 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford  
  8. Ann TERRY alias TARRANT bap 1819 at St-Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford
5.   William TARRANT (TERRY)
Bap of William TERRY on 28 Nov 1788 at St Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford; the record transcription states "Dec 28 TERRY William s Michael & Esther, brought to church" (record obtained from Oxford source).

William's occupation: Cordwainer, Shoemaker.

"Apprenticeship registers in the City Archives show that William Tarrant son of Hesthar (sic) Tarrant late of the City of Oxford deceased was apprenticed to Samuel Moore, an Oxford cordwainter, for seven years from the 28th April 1802. He subsequently became a freeman of the city on 8th May 1812. Freedom of a borough before the Municiple Corporations Act of 1835 rarely had the honorary connotations that we know today; rather it provided a license to trade, the right to vote, and access to other privileges. Freedom was usually obtained through apprenticeship, as in William Tarrant's case, or by patrimony (ie. being the son of a freeman)." [Source - Ancestry Public Trees from Oxford County Archivist's Letter 29/3/1982, courtesy Kay Wiseman]

Married Ann EVANS on 23 Dec 1810 at Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, ref IGI. Ann Evans was born 29 Jun 1794 at Drayton, Berkshire, dau of Joseph Evans and Hannah (ref IGI); see later confirmation that this is the correct one. This makes her married at the age of 16. The marriage was by Banns, they were Bachelor and Spinster of the parish, and married 23 Dec 1810; witnesses were William & Mary Sutch and John Appleton, no connection known (ref Ancestry London marriages).

Possible derivation of Joseph Evans and Hannah
Joseph EVANS married 9 Aug 1789 at Steventon, Berkshire to Hannah GRAINGER (ref IGI, M019771).
They may have had the following children:
1. Margaret EVANS born 21 May 1790, bap 20 Jun 1790 at Ind. Upper Meeting House, Abingdon, Berkshire (ref IGI, C035741). (Presbyterian)
2. Ann EVANS bap 5 Aug 1792 at Peasemore, Berkshire (ref IGI, P018441)
3. Ann EVANS born 19 Jun 1794 at Drayton, Berkshire (ref IGI, C016781). (See above)
There are two possibilities for Hannah Grainger in Berkshire:
1. Hannah GRAINGER bap 15 Jul 1764 at Steventon, Berkshire, dau of John Grainger & Mary (ref IGI P019771);
2. Ann GRAINGER bap 1 Jun 1766 at Steventon, Berkshire, dau of William Grainger & Mary (ref IGI P019771)
Drayton, Steventon and Abingdon are quite close together, and Peasemore is not too far away.
Further research is required.
Ref 1841 census at Speedwell St, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, civil parish of St Ebbe.
Together with children Ann (20), Alfred (15), Joseph (12), Benjamin (5), Isaac (3), Samuel (1) and an apprentice:
William Tarrant. Age 50. Cordwainer. Born in Oxfordshire.
Ann Tarrant. Age 45. [indexed as 40] Not born in Oxfordshire.

Ref 1851 census at Speedwell St, Oxford, Oxfordshire, civl parish of St Ebbe.
Together with children Alfred (26), Esther (24), Isaac (13), Samuel (11):
William Tarrant. Head. Age 63. Cordwainer. Born in Oxford, Oxfordshire.
Ann was visiting friends, Alfred and Elizabeth Andrews, as follows:
Ref 1851 census. Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of Oxford St Clement. Address: High Street Oxford.
Ann Tarrant. Friend. Mar. Age 57. Nurse. Born Berks, Drayton.

Ref 1861 census. Oxfordshire, England. Parish of Oxford St Ebbe. Address: 6 Cambridge St, Oxford.
Together with son Alfred (35):
William Tarrant. Head. Mar. Age 73. Retired Shoe Maker. Born Oxford.
Ann Tarrant. Wife. Mar. Age 67. Born Berks, Drayton.
[All incorrectly indexed as Farrant]

William's death reg Jun qtr 1863 at Oxford District (ref FreeBMD).

Ref 1871 census. Oxfordshire, England. Civil Parish of St Ebbe. Address: 26 Cambridge St, St Ebbe, Oxford.
Together with daughter in law Mary Tarrant (40) (widow of Alfred):
Ann Tarrant. Mother in Law. Wid. Age 76. No occupation, home duties. Born Oxon, Denton.
Together with 3 boarders.

Ann not found in 1881 census. There are several possible deaths of Ann Tarrant of similar age between 1871 and 1881 in surrounding counties.

IGI record

1841 census

1851 census

1861 census


1871 census
  1. William TARRANT born 1812 at Oxford  
  2. Joseph TARRANT born 1814 at Oxford  
  3. Ann TARRANT bap 1816 at Oxford  
  4. Josiah TARRANT bap 1818 at Oxford  
  5. John TARRANT born 1821 at Oxford  
  6. Margaret TARRANT born 1823 at Oxford  
  7. Alfred TARRANT born 1825 at Oxford  
  8. Esther Hannah TARRANT born c1827 at Oxford  
  9. Joseph Evans TARRANT born 1829 at Oxford  
  10. John TARRANT born 1831 at Oxford  
  11. Benjamin TARRANT born 1834 at Oxford  
  12. Isaac TARRANT born 1837 at Oxford  
  13. Samuel John TARRANT born 1840 at Oxford  
6.   Noah James TERRY
Bap of Noah James TERRY on 21 Aug 1791 at St Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford; the record transcription states "Aug 21 TERRY Noah James s Michael & Esther" (record obtained from Oxford source).

Burial of Noah James Tarrant 1824 at Oxford St Peter Bailey age 32 (ref OFHS).

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