Bickle ~ First Generation
Note: All names given as Bickle regardless of spelling in different documents, because of the variation in spelling within records for individual people.

1.   George BICKLE
Born c1530.

All information reference Alan J.C.Taylor 1997: 'Bickell of Milton Abbot' (available online).
"The surviving Marystowe parish registers commence only in 1654, and although the earliest Bishop's transcript is dated 1611 there is no continuous record from that time. It is therefore not possible to be certain of the relationships between the various Bickells mentioned in earliest records relating to Marystowe.

Fortunately, we can make certain plausible and not unreasonable assumptions. Many of the surviving records relate to the tenement of Thorne, which Richard Thorne gave to the parish in 1445 to be let to provide income to help maintain the poor. The tenement was vested in half a dozen or so ratepayers as trustees, essentially the parish's yeomen farmers. Every 25 years or so the survivors of one generation's trustees handed the trust on to their successors, normally their sons and heirs. The successive Bickells - and that is how most of them were spelt at this time although Bickle was also used - who acted as trustees of Thorne were probably also successive heads of a yeoman family established in the parish.

The first recorded Bickell was George who lived c1530 - c1600. He was one of the trustees who leased Thorne to tenants in 1594, and relinquished his trust in 1598 to successors including John Bickell, probably his son, c1560-c1630. ..."

George died c1600.

Note: It appears that the names Marystow and Marystowe (for Stowe St Mary) are interchangeable and both spellings are used.

Note: The first six generations or more of this family are quite uncertain and there are many different variations on the details in various Ancestry Public Trees. Probably the way to establish more accurate information would be through property and legal details rather than by parish records, which are scant for this time.

    Child of George:  
  1. John BICKLE born c1560  

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