Burman ~ Photos

The Parish Church of Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, in 2010 [courtesy F.Shade]

The Monument to Hugh Burman and Hester his Wife and their family, Generation 7, in 2010 [courtesy F.Shade]

The Monument to William and his sister Ellen Burman (Timmins), generation 11, in 2010 [courtesy F.Shade]

Crayford Edward Banister (1850-1924), son of Esther Elizabeth Burman and Edward Banister: generation 13
(At one time a chemist's assistant, there are some mysteries about his life. This photo is courtesy of Glennys Verone 2013 and was in the possession of
her great grandfather James I. Foden and her grandfather, presumably friends of Crayford. The birth date is given on the photo as 10 Apr 1850
and another date is given, 22 Feb 1915, which is probably the date the photo was taken.)


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