Burton ~ 1881 Census
Night of 3rd April 1881


of Head
London, England. Civil Parish of St James Clerkenwell. Registration district of Holborn. Source RG11/356/62/36. Household sched 207. Address: 12 Arlington St.
Thomas W Mannering. Head. Mar. Age 29. India rubber salesman. Born Kent Chatham.
Margurite Mannering. Wife. Mar. Age 26. Born Cumberland.
Elizabeth M Mannering. Dau. Age 7. Scholar. Born Cumberland.
Reginald Mannering. Son. Age 5. Scholar. Born Middx Clerkenwell.
Anna Dora Mannering. Dau. Age 3. Scholar. Born Middx, Clerkenwell.
Surrey, England. Civil Parish of Caterham. Registration district of Godstone. Source RG11/806/64/3. Address: Metropolitan District Asylum for Imbeciles, Caterham.
Together with a very large number of staff and inmates:
Elizabeth Burton. Attendant. Single. Age 20. Attendant Of Asylum. Born Chatham, Kent.
Isabella Burton. Attendant. Single. Age 19. Attendant of Asylum. Born Chatham, Kent.
Kent, England. Civil Parish of Chatham. Registration district of Medway. Source RG11/888/57/12. Household sched 54. Addrress: Ordnance Place, 10 Rope Walk, Chatham.
Bright Wilson. Head. Mar. Age 26. Blacksmith. Born Kent Strood.
Harriet Wilson. Wife. Mar. Age 23. Born Chatham Kent.
Kent, England. Civil Parish of Gillingham. Registration district of Medway. Source RG11/891/87/18. Household sched 95. Address: 34 Stafford St Gillingham.
William Burton. Head. Mar. Age 43. Shoe Maker. Born Wisbeach Cambridgeshire.
Isabella Burton. Wife. Mar. Age 43. Shoe Maker Wife. Born Chatham Kent.
William H Burton. Son. S. Age 21. Blacksmith. Born Chatham Kent.
John W Burton. Son. S. Age 16. Blacksmith. Born Chatham Kent.
Kent, England. Civil Parish of Chatham. Registration district of Medway. Source RG11/895/65/23. Household sched 123. Address: 105 Luton Rd, Chatham.
Benjamin T Mannerings. Head. Mar. Age 58. Retired Publican. Born Chatham Kent.
Naomi Mannerings. Wife. Mar. Age 44. Born Chatham Kent.
Essex, England. Civil Parish of West Ham. Registration district of West Ham. Source RG11/1715/123/76. Household sched 466. Address: 5 Charlotte St, West Ham.
Arthur Brewster. Head. Mar. Age 25. Coal Heaver. Born Chelmsford, Essex.
Lucy Brewster. Wife. Mar. Age 24. Born Hinckley, Leicestershire.
George Brewster. Son. Age 7. Scholar. Born Hinckley, Leicestershire.
Arthur Brewster. Son. Age 4. Scholar. Born Loughton, Essex.
Albert Brewster. Son. Age 2. Born N Woolwich, Essex.

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