The Burton Family of Kent & Australia
originally from Scotland

The direct line to Libby Shade is
(1) Thomas Burton & Ann Hunt
(2) Thomas James Burton & Elizabeth Smith
(3) Annie Elizabeth Burton & John Grierson (goes to Grierson tree)
(4) John Burton Grierson & Margaret Elizabeth Sampson,
(5) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle.


Recent Changes

Photo of grave of Thomas & Elizabeth Burton and Annie Grierson on photo page added 15 Nov 2017

Much more information about the life and death of Robert Alexander Burton on generation 2 added 23 Sep 2015

More information about Mary Ellen de Groot on generation 3 added 29 Mar 2013.

Contact Libby Shade for further details

P.O. Box 105, Rosanna 3084, Victoria, Australia

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