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Quarter Reg Name District Volume, Page Father Mother Gen
Sep 1865 BYSOUTH, Alice Hackney 1b,380 BYSOUTH, Edward SMART, Jane 13
Mar 1867 BYSOUTH, Annie Elizabeth Hackney 1b,433      
Mar 1867 BYSOUTH, Jemima Royston 3a,270      
Jun 1868 BYSOUTH, Thomas Edward Bromley 2a,327      
Dec 1869 BYSOUTH, Albert Hackney 1b.431      
Dec 1969 BYSOUTH, William James Hackney 1b,453      
Sep 1871 BYSOUTH, Robert Henry Royston 3a,277      
Mar 1872 BYSOUTH, Sarah Elizabeth Hackney 1b,453      
Sep 1872 BYSOUTH, Samuel Hackney 1b,433      
Dec 1874 BYSOUTH, Frederick James Hackney 1b,485      
Dec 1874 BYSOUTH, Sarah Ann Royston 3a,309      
Mar 1875 BYSOUTH, Emma Susannah Y Orsett 4a,202      
Dec 1875 BYSOUTH, Edith Rebecca Hackney 1b,453      
Sep 1876 BYSOUTH, Edward George Hackney 1b,516      
Jun 1877 BYSOUTH, Sydney Royston 3a,330      
Jun 1877 BYSOUTH, male Royston 3a,343      
Dec 1877 BYSOUTH, Frederick Samuel Hackney 1b,514      
Dec 1877 BYSOUTH, Thomas Henry Shardlow 7b,460      
Mar 1878 BYSOUTH, John Hackney 1b,503      
Mar 1878 BYSOUTH, Sarah Emma Poplar 1c,672      
Sep 1878 BYSOUTH, Emma Elizabeth Royston 3a,352      
Dec 1878 BYSOUTH, Emily Mary Hackney 1b,515      
Dec 1878 BYSOUTH, Horace Arthur Kensington 1a,11      
Mar 1879 BYSOUTH, Albert Edward Orsett 4a,246      
Mar 1879 BYSOUTH, Hannah Mary Basford 7b,152      
Sep 1879 BYSOUTH, Maud Annie Bannister Orsett 4a,248 illegitimate    
Dec 1879 BYSOUTH, Frederick Matthew Poplar 1c,654      
Jun 1880 BYSOUTH, Alfred Royston 3a,379      
Jun 1880 BYSOUTH, Charles Thomas Shoreditch 1c,94      
Sep 1880 BYSOUTH, Florence Shardlow 7b,464      
Sep 1880 BYSOUTH, John Hackney 1b,516      
Mar 1881 BYSOUTH, Samuel John Hackney 1b,557      
Jun 1881 BYSOUTH, William Joseph Shoreditch 1c,95      
Dec 1881 BYSOUTH, William Shardlow 7b,480      
Mar 1882 BYSOUTH, Charles Edward Islington 1b,327      
Sep 1882 BYSOUTH, Jane Elizabeth Royston 3a,415      
Dec 1882 BYSOUTH, Charlotte Louisa Poplar 1c,625      
Mar 1883 BYSOUTH, Edith May Luton 3b,465      
Mar 1883 BYSOUTH, William Hackney 1b,527      
Jun 1883 BYSOUTH, Charles Thomas Shoreditch 1c,97      
Sep 1883 BYSOUTH, Percy Harold Wandsworth 1d,650      
Sep 1883 BYSOUTH, Samuel Shardlow 7b, 480      
Dec 1883 BYSOUTH, William Frederick Edmonton 3a,289 No clue as to who he was, no bap.    
Jun 1884 BYSOUTH, Clara Agnes Islington 1b,299      
Jun 1884 BYSOUTH, Helena Edmonton 3a,314      
Sep 1884 BYSOUTH, Annie Elizabeth Hackney 1b,537      
Dec 1884 BYSOUTH, Willis Arthur Edmonton 3a,350      
Mar 1885 BYSOUTH, Albert Thomas Shoreditch 1c,148      
Mar 1885 BYSOUTH, Ernest George Royston 3a,452      
Mar 1885 BYSOUTH, Frederick James Luton 3b,475      
Mar 1885 BYSOUTH, Mary Ellen Belper 7b,637      
Jun 1885 BYSOUTH, Arthur James Edmonton 3a,284      
Jun 1885 BYSOUTH, Joseph Poplar 1c,668      
Mar 1886 BYSOUTH, Frederick John Royston 3a,483      
Mar 1886 BYSOUTH, George Clarence Hackney 1b,549      
Sep 1886 BYSOUTH, Martha Rose Poplar 1c,657or667      
Sep 1886 BYSOUTH, Thomas Luton 3b,434      
Dec 1886 BYSOUTH, Charles George J Orsett 4a,375      
Dec 1886 BYSOUTH, John Leonard S Orsett 4a,375      
Dec 1886 BYSOUTH, John Thomas Shoreditch 1c,83      
Jun 1887 BYSOUTH, Emma White Hackney 1b,554      
Jun 1887 BYSOUTH, Florence Mary Royston 3a,475      
Sep 1887 BYSOUTH, Sam Royston 3a,461      
Dec 1887 BYSOUTH, Arthur Basford 7b,117      
Dec 1887 BYSOUTH, Florence Islington 1b,273      
Dec 1887 BYSOUTH, Mabel Basford 7b,117      
Jun 1888 BYSOUTH, Ernest William Luton 3b,453      
Jun 1888 BYSOUTH, Kate Emily Royston 3a,477      
Sep 1888 BYSOUTH, George Henry Shoreditch 1c,76 or 78      
Dec 1888 BYSOUTH, Annie Camberwell 1d,919      
Dec 1888 BYSOUTH, Daisy Mildred Hackney 1b,547      
Dec 1888 BYSOUTH, Florence Maud Poplar 1c,643      
Dec 1888 BYSOUTH, William Islington 1b,268      
Mar 1889 BYSOUTH, Christopher Royston 3a,488      
Sep 1889 BYSOUTH, Frederick John B Stortford 3a,473      
Sep 1889 BYSOUTH, Frederick John Royston 3a,480      
Dec 1889 BYSOUTH, Lily Edmonton 3a,305      
Dec 1889 BYSOUTH, Sydney Luton 3b,431      
Dec 1889 BYSOUTH, Thomas John Shoreditch 1c,86      
Mar 1890 BYSOUTH, Esther Sophia Edmonton 3a,340      
Mar 1890 BYSOUTH, Harriet Basford 7b,140      
Mar 1890 BYSOUTH, Hilda May Rochford 4a,489      
Mar 1890 BYSOUTH, Phoebe Winifred Orsett 4a,417      
Jun 1890 BYSOUTH, Minnie Islington 1b,289      
Dec 1890 BYSOUTH, Gifford Thomas Royston 3a,445      
Jun 1891 BYSOUTH, Frederick William Edmonton 3a,372      
Jun 1891 BYSOUTH, George Henry Orsett 4a,446      
Jun 1891 BYSOUTH, John Henry Rochford 4a,523      
Sep 1891 BYSOUTH, Alfred Thomas B Stortford 3a,499      
Sep 1891 BYSOUTH, Charles Albert Poplar 1c,663      
Sep 1891 BYSOUTH, Florence Emma Orsett 4a,423      
Dec 1891 BYSOUTH, Ernest Basford 7b,121      
Dec 1891 BYSOUTH, Herbert Luton 3b,420      
Mar 1892 BYSOUTH, Annie Elizabeth Royston 3a,511      
Mar 1891 BYSOUTH, George Edmonton 3a,383      
Mar 1891 BYSOUTH, Margaret Helen Royston 3a,510      
Mar 1893 BYSOUTH, Emily May B Stortford 3a,511      
Jun 1893 BYSOUTH, Alice Dorothy Rochford 4a,514      
Jun 1893 BYSOUTH, Annie Louisa E Islington 1b,299      
Jun 1893 BYSOUTH, David Young Orsett 4a,457      
Jun 1893 BYSOUTH, Edith Susannah Orsett 4a,449      
Sep 1893 BYSOUTH, Mary Ann R Luton 3b,393      
Dec 1893 BYSOUTH, Albert Harry Edmonton 3a,325      
Dec 1893 BYSOUTH, Emily Basford 7b,133      
Dec 1893 BYSOUTH, Maud Beatrice Edmonton 3a,451      
Mar 1894 BYSOUTH, William Thomas Royston 3a,524      
Sep 1894 BYSOUTH, Frederica Mercy Royston 3a,500      
Sep 1894 BYSOUTH, George Edmonton 3a,363      
Dec 1894 BYSOUTH, Daisy B Stortford 3a,501      
Dec 1894 BYSOUTH, Eliza Eleanor Poplar 1c,708      
Jun 1895 BYSOUTH, Nellie Mortimer Islington 1b,409      
Sep 1895 BYSOUTH, Samuel Sidney Edmonton 3a,356      
Sep 1895 BYSOUTH, Sydney Charles Orsett 4a,489      
Dec 1895 BYSOUTH, Alfred Leonard Romford 4a,414      
Dec 1895 BYSOUTH, Henry James Edmonton 3a,449      
Dec 1895 BYSOUTH, Philip Hitchin 3a,506      
Mar 1896 BYSOUTH, Walter William Royston 3a,541      
Jun 1896 BYSOUTH, Sarah Elizabeth Luton 3b,412      
Sep 1896 BYSOUTH, Nellie Sarah Royston 3a,541      
Sep 1896 BYSOUTH, William Barnet 3a,264      
Dec 1896 BYSOUTH, Rosina Alice Rochford 4a,566      
Mar 1897 BYSOUTH, Alice Poplar 1c,716      
Mar 1897 BYSOUTH, Annie Matilda Royston 3a,566      
Mar 1897 BYSOUTH, Henry Albert Edmonton 3a,393      
Mar 1897 BYSOUTH, John Cecil R Edmonton 3a,386      
Jun 1897 BYSOUTH, Clarence William J West Ham 4a,198      
Jun 1897 BYSOUTH, Francis James Shoreditch 1c,77      
Mar 1898 BYSOUTH, Frederick George Greenwich 1d,1115      
Mar 1898 BYSOUTH, Thomas William Rochford 4a,603      
Jun 1898 BYSOUTH, Edith Gertrude Hitchin 3a,570      
Sep 1898 BYSOUTH, Emma Maud Barnet 3a,295      
Sep 1898 BYSOUTH, George John St Saviour 1d,164      
Sep 1898 BYSOUTH, Thomas William Edmonton 3a,446      
Dec 1898 BYSOUTH, Alfred Walter Edmonton 3a,424      
Dec 1898 BYSOUTH, Arthur Robert E Edmonton 3a,509      
Dec 1898 BYSOUTH, Emily Ethel A Luton 3b,417      
Mar 1899 BYSOUTH, Albert George Biggleswade 3b,362      
Mar 1899 BYSOUTH, John George Royston 3a,613      
Jun 1899 BYSOUTH, Bertie B.Stortford 3a,593      
Jun 1899 BYSOUTH, Herbert Hallam Basford 7b,162      
Jun 1899 BYSOUTH, Mabel Alice Rochford 4a,643      
Sep 1899 BYSOUTH, Annie Maud Shoreditch 1c,60      
Sep 1899 BYSOUTH, Robert Charles Rochford 4a,608      
Dec 1899 BYSOUTH, Susannah Lilian West Ham 4a,318      
Mar 1900 BYSOUTH, Esther Mary Royston 3a,635      
Mar 1900 BYSOUTH, Ivy Winifred Edmonton 3a,456      
Jun 1900 BYSOUTH, Albert George Hitchin 3a,643      
Jun 1900 BYSOUTH, Louisa Gertrude Romford 4a,494      
Sep 1900 BYSOUTH, Alfred Henry A Marylebone 1a,602      
Sep 1900 BYSOUTH, Flossie B Stortford 3a,636      
Sep 1900 BYSOUTH, George James Hackney 1b,575      
Sep 1900 BYSOUTH, Henry Richard Blean 2a,901      
Dec 1900 BYSOUTH, Eileen Annie Hackney 1b,498      
Mar 1901 BYSOUTH, Edward Thomas Royston 3a,649      
Mar 1901 BYSOUTH, Hilda Ellen Biggleswade 3b,347      
Mar 1901 BYSOUTH, Joseph George W Romford 4a,543      
Jun 1901 BYSOUTH, Charles Royston 3a,632      
Jun 1901 BYSOUTH, Joseph Charles Shoreditch 1c,68      
Jun 1901 BYSOUTH, Sidney Horace Edmonton 3a,587      
Sep 1901 BYSOUTH, Emily Rochford 4a,716      
Sep 1901 BYSOUTH, Sidney Edmonton 3a,501      
Sep 1901 BYSOUTH, Walter William Barnet 3a,331      
Dec 1901 BYSOUTH, Cyril Luton 3b,403      
Dec 1901 BYSOUTH, Ethel Annie Hackney 1b,459      
Dec 1901 BYSOUTH, Stanley Luton 3b,403      


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