Chapple ~ Certificates

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1818 Marriage From Bishop's Transcript.
Marriages solemnized in the Chapel of St Mary in the Parish of Walcot in the County of Somerset in the year 1818.
Richard Chapple of this Parish Bachelor and Jane Grigg of [blank] parish Spinster were married in this Chapel by Licence, this Thirty first day of March in the Year One thousand eight hundred and eighteen by me Gaius Barry Curate. This Marriage was solemnized between us Richard Chapple, Jane Grigg in the presence of James Shipp, Joseph Tucker. Nol. 152.
1844 Death Certified copy of an entry of death given at the General Register Office, London.
Registration District Bath.
1844 Death in the Sub-district of Lansdown in the County of Somerset
No. 163
When and where died. Seventh of February 1844 at 12 Rivers Street.
Name and surname. Jane Chapple.
Sex. Female.
Age. 50 years.
Occupation. Wife of Richard Chapple Painter and Glazier.
Cause of death. Disease of the Heart.
Informant. Fanny Chapple. Present at the Death.
When registered. Tenth of February 1844.
Registrar. Frederick Field Registrar.
1865 Death Deaths in the District of Ballarat in the Colony of Victoria, registered by William Thos. Pooley
No 8099.
When and where died. 2 November 1865 at Ballaarat West.
Name and Surname. Ann Maria Chapple.
Female 36 years.
Cause of death. Softening of Brain. Cerebral Effusion. 5 years. Dr. Stewart 1 November 1865.
Father and Mother. Richard & Elizabeth Exon. Pensioner. London.
No. 8042.
Informant. Richard Chapple. Confectioner. Ballaarat West. Husband.
Buried 5 November 1865 at Ballaarat. Frederick Atkins.
Rev W. Hollis. Ch of England. Edward Exon. William Chapple.
Where born. Bath, England. 10 years Victoria.
Married Stantonwick, Somersetshire, England at 19 to Richard Chapple.
Issue. Six. Richard - 16 yrs. Fanny - decd. Henry - decd. Edwin - decd. Henry - decd. Jane - 6 yrs.
[note - the second Henry was still alive, and missing Janet who died young]
1871 Birth Births in the District of Ballarat in the Colony of Victoria, registered by W. POOLEY.
No. 1637.
When and where born. 12 February 1871 at Ballaarat West.
Name. Frederick Joseph. Not present.
Sex. Boy.
Father. William Chapple. Age 43. Fruiterer. Born Bath England.
Married October 1863 at Ballaarat.
Issue living and deceased. Edwin 5 yrs. Arthur 3 yrs. Edith 2 yrs.
Mother. Mary Ann Tarrant. Age 35. Born Oxford, England.
Vic reg nr 400.
Informant. William Chapple. Father. Fruiterer. Ballaarat West.
Witnesses. Dr Bullen.
When registered. 24 March 1871 at Ballaarat.
1875 Death Deaths in the District of Emerald Hill in the Colony of Victoria, registered by W HAIG.
No 4252.
When and where died. 2 February 1875. Cecil Street, Town of Emerald Hill, County of Bourke.
Name and Surname. William Chapple. Grocer.
Male. Forty seven years.
Cause of death. Disease of the heart (valvular). Exhaustion. One year. Mr Ford Surgeon Melbourne. 31 January, 1875.
Father and Mother. Richard Chapple and Jane Chapple (maiden surname unknown). Plumber.
Informant. Alexander Cooke Authorised Agent Emerald Hill.
Buried 3 February 1875. St Kilda Cemetery. Joseph Hill.
R.B. Dickinson, Church of England Minister. James Opray.
Where born. Somerset, England. Seventeen years. Victoria.
Married Ballarat, Victoria. 36. Mary Ann Tarrant.
Issue. Edwin Exon - 9 years. Charles William (Charles underlined, note to replace with Arthur) 8 years. Edith Annie - 5 years. Frederick Joseph - 3 years. Walter Herbert - 2 years. Ernest Bertram - 8 months.
1881 Death Deaths in the District of Ballarat in the Colony of Victoria, registered by S. WALKER.
No 365.
When and where died. 23 May 1881 at Eyre Street, City of Ballarat, County of Grenville.
Name and Surname. Richard Chapple. "Confectioner"
Male. 52 years.
Cause of death. Uramia. 3 months. Dilatation and Atrophy of heart. 3 years. Dr [?] 21 May 1881.
Father. Richard Chapple. "Gentleman". Fanny Chapple. m.s. Craig.
No 3467.
Informant. Henry Chapple Son Melbourne..
Buried 24th May 1881 at Ballarat. Frederick Atkins.
Witnesses. John Rowen. James Davies.
Where born. Bath England. 25 years Victoria.
1st Marriage. Bath England. At unknown age to Maria Exon. 2nd Marriage. Ballarat at 37 to Matilda Saville.
Issue. (1st marriage) Richard 32 yrs. Frances Judith decd. Edwin William decd. Henry decd. Henry 24 yrs. Jane 21 yrs.
(2nd marriage) Edgar George 14 yrs. Maud Matilda 12 yrs. Adeline Thomas [error for Frances] 10 yrs. Florence Louisa decd. Emily 6 yrs. Ernest William 4 yrs. Percy Herbert 21 mths.
1885 Death Deaths in the District of Richmond in the Colony of Victoria, registered by E J Croker
No 5820.
When and where died. 10th February 1885. Rowena Parade, City of Richmond, County of Bourke.
Name and Surname. Matilda Ada Chapple.
Female. 40 years.
Cause of death. Disease of the Womb. Diarrhoea. Duration 15 months.
Father. Edward Saville. Plumber. Mother. Mary Ann Saville formerly Sandford.
No 3081.
Informant. Herbert King. 18 Lennox St Richmond. Undertaker employed for funeral.
Buried 11th February 1885. Melbourne General Cemetery. H King.
Rev [?] Church of England. Joseph Clouds.
Where born. London England. 20 years in Victoria.
Married Ballarat Victoria at age 22 to Richard Chapple.
Issue. Edgar George 17. Maud 16. Adeline 14. Florence dead. Elsie Ada 10 (instead of Emily). Ernest William 8. Percy 5.
1945 Death Deaths in the District of MELBOURNE in Victoria, registered by Samuel Henry Edgerton Hollow.
No. 3426.
When and where died. 17th April, 1945, 65 Lang Street, South Yarra, City of Prahran, County of Bourke.
Usual place of residence. 65 Lang Street, South Yarra, City of Prahran.
Name and Surname. Frederick Joseph CHAPPLE. Occupation Salesman. Male, 74 years.
Cause of death. Pyelonephritis acute - days. Carcinoma prostate - months.
Medical Practitioner. Dr. J. Meehan.
When he last saw deceased. 16th April, 1945.
Father and Mother. William Chapple. Mary Ann Chapple, formerly Tarrant, Fruiterer.
Informant. Ernest E Chapman, Authorized Agend, Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield.
Registrar. S.H.E.Hollow. 23rd April, 1945.
When and where buried. 18th April, 1945, Cremated at Spring Vale Crematorium. Undertaker E. Chapman.
Witnesses. R. Griffin, F. Brown.
Where born, how long in Australian States. Ballarat, Victoria. 74 years in Victoria.
Married Ballarat, Victoria, at 40 years [39] to Fanny Beatrice Little.
Conjugal condition at date of death Married.
Issue. Cyril Joseph, 33 years.
Mary Beatrice, 26 years.
Myrtle Vashti, 24 years.

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