Chapple Wills (unidentified)


John Chapple 1565


Note on the cover of the document is as follows:
"Shylston and Part of Donyton
Probate of the Will of John Chappell whereby he devised his __ therein:
Will dated 9th Dec 1565
Probate dated 7 Feb 1565[/66]:

[The typed copy which is available lists the date of the Will as 1566 but presumably this is a mistranscription.]

To be buried in church of Chedhulhampton
Bequests to poor of Chedulhampton and Roborough

To each of these children of John Chapell my son lately deceased i.e Anne George William John - 10 each

To Johan, my wife certain farm stock and all her own household stuff and beding that she brought with her unto me when I married her and because I would her to be good to my son John's children I bequest her all my corn that is in my house at 'Blakewell' and all the greene and corn in the fields there.

Bequest to Anne Harris
To Alice Shopper and Margery Budde my servants

I assign all my terms of years in my part and portion of a tenement and lands called Denyton in Chedulhampton to William Chapell my son and also my term in my barren whereon I now do dwell.

I grant my overseers for 2 years the issue and profit of my land to implye to the exhibition of my son's children, John C lately deceased.

Residue to William Chapple, my son executor.

Overserer Roger Molforde gent and Richard Douye yeo

Witness Robert Bulpayne clerk Wm Whyloke Bartholomew Berrye John Marten John Mules Alexander Mershe

Arch of Barnstaple FOL 357

[From typed document, transcribed with slight corrections by L.Shade 2013]

[In the Devon Heritage Centre Index of Wills was a reference to John Chappell of Chittlehampton, 1565, 96M/76/27. Vol 3 Page 29, and the original Will has been photographed by LS in 2013.]


Cover of Will of John Chappell showing dates (jpg)

Typed version of Will of John Chappell of Shelstone

Joan Chapple 1572

  JOAN CHAPPLE Widow of Blakewell in Chedulhampton
Date 15 Eliz 17th Dec - Proved March 1573

To be buried in church of Chittlehampton
To my brothers a black frizi coat each
To George Chappell, John Chapple and William C - 40s each

To Ann C 40s to be given to her on the birth of her first child

To my daughter Anne Pender goods and to each Anne's children 6s 8p

To Awdrie Mules, John Mules and Mary Mules
3 of my daughter Elizabeth children - 6s 8p

Residue to Anthonie Chapple Exec

Overseer John Mules and Richard Chapple of Hatern
Witness John Mules Richard Chapple and John Ayres

Arch of Barnstaple Fol 83

[From typed document, transcribed with slight corrections by L.Shade 2013]

Thomas Chapple 1573

  THOMAS CHAPPLE of Chedulhampton (Newton in) Reg copy
Date of Will 24.9.1573 - Proved 12.10.1573

To be buried in the south aisle of Chittlehampton

To Eve Benet my servant that house called Savadge house in South Molton with all the terms of years yet to come after the death of Duens, my wife

To Elizabeth Chapple my besse daughter 20 to be paid to her at 21

Residue of my lands in South Molton, Chedulhampton and elsewhere in co Devon, as all other goods and chattels to Downys my wife ex**

Witness Edward Anne, Vicar of Chedulhampton
Sir John Cornyshe his curate
William Not and Thomas Hole

Arch of Barnstaple Fol 181

[From typed document, transcribed with slight corrections by L.Shade 2013]


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