Descendants of Thomas and Mary Chinery
of Sudbury, Suffolk, England

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The name Chinery occurred quite often in Suffolk, particularly in the area of Sudbury.

"Recorded in many forms as shown below, this unusual and interesting surname is English but of Norman French origin. Introduced into England by the Norman invaders after the famous Conquest of 1066, it is topographical and denotes residence near a conspicuous oak tree or in an oak forest. It is derived from the pre 7th century word "chesne", meaning "oak (tree)", from the Latin "caxinus", a variant of "cassanus", meaning oak. Topographical surnames were among the earliest created, since both natural and man-made features in the landscape provided easily recognisable distinguishing names in the small communities of the Middle Ages. Sometimes the name may have been used as a nickname for someone thought to have "a heart of oak". After the first recording of the name in 1086, as below, a great many variant forms developed such as Cheyne, Cheyney, Chaney, Cheenay, Chesnay, and particularly in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk, Chenery, Chinery and Chinnery, with Henry Chenery being recorded as the mayor of Lynn Regis in Norfolk in 1682."

Sudbury is a small market town in the English county of Suffolk. It is located on the River Stour near the Essex border, and is 60 miles (97km) north-east of London. Its textile industries prospered during the late Middle Ages, and it became notable for its art and local landscapes, offering inspiration to Gainsborough, who was born there, and Constable.

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The direct line to Fred is
(1) Thomas & Mary Chinery
(2) Thomas Chinery & Mary Robinson
(3) John Chinery & Sarah Wardel
(4) Mary Jane Chinery & Theodore Shade (goes to Shade tree)
(5) Albert Shade & Ada Evenia Johnson
(6) Albert Ernest Shade & Mary Beatrice Chapple

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Further information about George WRIGHT's family on page 4 added 4 Oct 2012

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