The Crew Family
from Somerset, England

Joseph Crew and Mary Gould married in 1769. It has not been possible to reach back further than that.
There are various spellings such as Crewe, Crow or Crowe..

The direct line to Libby is
(1) Joseph Crew & Mary Gould
(2) Joseph Crew & Hannah Tay
(3) Phoebe Crew & John Grierson (GOES TO GRIERSON TREE)
(4) John Grierson & Annie Elizabeth Burton
(5) John Burton Grierson & Margaret Elizabeth Sampson
(6) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle.

Recent Changes

Completion of the latest version, very much enlarged on every generation, added 27 Mar 2018

Fully revised with many more people including information on generation 1 added 6 Feb 2018

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