Eagles ~ 1851 Census
Night of 30th March 1851


of Head
Middlesex, England. Parish of Stoke Newington. Ecclesiastical district of St Matthais. Borough of Finsbury. Registration district of Hackney. Source HO107/1503/10/12. Household schedule 45. Address: 1 Barrett Grove, Stoke Newington.
James Cazaly. Head. M. Age 60. Accountant. Born Middlesex.
[all incorrectly indexed as Cazaley, the "e" was crossed out in the original]
Elizabeth Cazaly. Wife. M. Age 45. Born Chester.
Charles Cazaly. Son. U. Age 22. Clerk. Born West Hackney.
Peter Cazaly. Son. U. Age 19. Clerk. Born West Hackney.
Henry Cazaly. Son. U. Age 17. Clerk. Born West Hackney.
Owen Cazaly. Son. U. Age 15. Clerk. Born Stoke Newington.
Foy Cazaly. Son. U. Age 13. Scholar. Born Stoke Newington.
Catherine Cazaly. Dau. U. Age 11. Scholar. Born Stoke Newington.
James Cazaly. Son. U. Age 9. Scholar. Born Stoke Newington.
Elizabeth Cazaly. Dau. U. Age 6. Scholar. Born Stoke Newington.
Jane Atkins. Serv. U. Age 21. House Servant. Born Ireland.
Charlotte Atkins. Serv. U. Age 17. House Servant. Born Ireland.
Lancashire, England. Parish of Toxteth Park. Registration District of West Derby. Source HO107/2188/570/36. Household sched 108. Address: Ullett Lane.
Ellen Eagles. Head. Wid. Age 72. Born Lancashire Ulverston.
Thomas Eagles. Son. Unm. Age 46. Market Gardener. Born Lancashire Liverpool.
Samuel Eagles. Son. Unm. Age 45. Market Gardener. Born Lancashire Liverpool.
Ellen B Eagles. Dau. Unm. Age 35. Born Lancashire Liverpool.
Yorkshire, England. Parish of Sculcoates. Registration District of Sculcoates. Source HO107/2361/376/14. Household sched 58. Address: 2 Wellington Place.
Edward Milner. Head. Mar. Age 40. Chemist Druggist (3 apptces). Born Hull.
Barbara Milner. Wife. Mar. Age 38. Born Sculcoates.
Edwd Stanley Milner. Son. Age 5. Born Sculcoates.
Together with a servant.

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