Edwards ~ 1841 Census
Night of 6th June 1841


of Head
Gloucestershire, England. Civil parish of Winchcomb. Registration District of Winchcomb. Source HO107/360/19. Address: Chandos Street, Winchcomb.
Charles Lapworth. Age 35. Not born in Gloucestershire.
Lucy Lapworth. Age 25. Not born in Gloucestershire.
Charles Lapworth. Age 8. Born in Gloucestershire.
Jane Lapworth. Age 5. Born in Gloucestershire.
Together with a female servant.
Hampshire, England. Civil parish of St Lawrence. Registration District of Southampton. Source HO107/416/9/7/9. Address: High Street, St Lawrence, Southampton.
At the home of Wm Sharland (80), and family:
Mary Millard. Age 35. Not born in Hampshire.
Edwd Millard. Age 14. Born in Hampshire.
Fanny Millard. Age 12. Born in Hampshire.
Jane Millard. Age 11. Born in Hampshire.
John Millard. Age 9. Born in Hampshire.
Herefordshire, England. Civil parish of Tarrington. Registration District of Ledbury Union. Source HO107/425/13/7/9. Address: The Vine, Tarrington.
Charles Mason. Age 35. Not born in Herefordshire.
Anne Mason. Age 30. Not born in Herefordshire.
Anne Mason. Age 4 mths. Born in Herefordshire.
Together with 5 others.
Kent, England. Civil parish of Greenwich. Registration District of Greenwich Union. Source HO107/489/1/39/23. Address: Room's Hill, Greenwich.
Wm Edwards. Age 69. Under Park Keeper. Not born in Kent.
Maria Edwards. Age 35. Not born in Kent.
Matilda Edwards. Age 4. Born in Kent.
Emily Pye. Age 18. F.S. Not born in Kent.
Kent, England. Civil parish of Greenwich. Registration District of Greenwich. Source HO107/489/13/37/19. Address: Royal Hill, Greenwich.
In the home of William Newsom (40), Shoemaker:
Henry Edwards. Age 24. Shoemaker. Born born in Kent.
Middlesex, England. Civil parish of St Giles without Cripplegate. Registration District of East London. Source HO107/727/1/19/32. Address: Fore Street, St Giles Without Cripplegate, London.
Thos Edwards. Age 35. Gent. Born Middlesex.
Elizth Edwards. Age 30. Born Middlesex.
Thos H Edwards. Age 15. Born Middlesex.
Emily Edwards. Age 5. Born Middlesex.
Chars Edwards. Age 1. Born Middlesex.
Together with 3 female servants.
Middlesex, England. Civil parish of St James. Registration District of St James Westminster. Source HO107/736/7. Address: Piccadilly St James.
Charles Edwards. Age 25. Linen Draper. Born in Middlesex.
Robert Edwards. Age 20. Not born in Middlesex.
Together with several other linen drapers and servants.
Shropshire, England. Civil parish of Stanton Lacy. Registration District of Ludlow. Source HO107/913/18/47/10. Address: Stanton Lacy.
John Edwards. Age 55. Farmer. Not born in Shropshire.
Richard Edwards. Age 20. Not born in Shropshire.
Amelia Edwards. Age 15. Not born in Shropshire.
Charles Edwards. Age 12. Not born in Shropshire.
Elizabeth Edwards. Age 9. Not born in Shropshire.
Together with 6 servants.
Radnorshire, Wales. Sub-district of Presteigne. Source HO107/1457/5/4/3. Address: Broad Heath, Presteigne.
John J Edwards. Age 30. Farmer. Born in Radnorshire.
Together with a female servant and an ag lab.

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