Greenway ~ 1861 Census
Night of 7th April 1861


of Head
Middlesex, England. Parish of Chelsea. Registration dist of Chelsea. Source RG9/32 [normal numbers not shown in Ancestry, and census not found in fmp]. Household sched 65. Address: 4 York Terrace.
Together with a large household:
Harriett Greenway. Head. Wid. Age 69. [Birthplace cut off]
Emma Greenway. Dau. Unm. Age 26. Sempstress. [Birthplace cut off]
Middlesex, England. Parish of Chelsea. Registration District of Chelsea. Source RG9/34/95/19. Household sched 104. Addrress: 84 Kings Rd.
George Ashby. Head. Mar. Age 34. Photographic Artist. Born Middlesex Westminster.
Harriet Ashby. Wife. Mar. Age 37. Born Middlesex Kensington.
Arthur Ashby. Son. Age 14. Assistant Artist. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Fanny Ashby. Dau. Age 13. Scholar. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
George Ashby. Son. Age 11. Scholar. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Emily Ashby. Dau. Age 9. Scholar. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Harriet Ashby. Dau. Age 5. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Charles Ashby. Son. Age 3. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Alfred Ashby. Son. Age 1. Born Middlesex Chelsea.
Middlesex, England. Parish of Westminster St Margaret. Registration District of Westminster. Source RG9/55/40/29. Household sched 183. Address: 8 Montpelier Row.
William Greenway. Head. Mar. Age 39. Carpenter Joiner. Born Mdx.
Eliza Greenway. Wife. Mar. Age 37. Born Suffolk.
John Greenway. Son. Age 15. Born Mdx.
Harriett Greenway. Dau. Age 13. Born Suffolk.
William Greenway. Son. Age 11. Born Suffolk.
Eliza Greenway. Dau. Age 9. Born Mdx.
Cathlen Greenway. Dau. Age 7. Born Mdx.
Mary Greenway. Dau. Age 5. Born Mdx.
Florence Ann Greenway. Dau. Age 3. [No birthplace given.].
Middlesex, England. Parish of St Marylebone. Registration District of Marylebone. Source RG9/86/10/29. Household sched 198. Address: 13 Huntswell Terrace.
Daniel Cross. Head. Mar. Age 33. Boot Maker. Born Wiltshire Salisbury. [sic]
Emma Cross. Wife. Mar. Age 30. Born Middlesex Westminster.
Middlesex, England. Parish of St Bride. Registration District of London City. Source RG9/221/71/6. Household sched 33. Address: 108 Dorset Street.
Abraham Greenaway. Head. Mar. Age 35. House Decorator. Born Kensington Brompton.
Rebecca Greenaway. Wife. Mar. Age 31. Born Kensington Brompton.
Elizabeth M Greenaway. Dau. Age 8. Born America.
Henry John Greenaway. Son. Age 5. Born London St Andrews.
Edward A Greenaway. Son. Age 2. Born Middlesex St Georges.
Middlesex, Surrey, England. Parish of Shoreditch St Leonard. Registration District of Shoreditch. Source RG9/239/68/18. Household sched 116. Address: Aske's Hospital School.
Together with many others:
Frank U Daws. Boarder. Age 13. Scholar. Born Surrey Brixton.
London, Surrey, England. Parish of Lambeth. Registration District of Lambeth. Source RG9/350/35/18. Household sched 192. Address: 30 Lambeth Sq.
William Daws. Head. Mar. Age 56. Registrar of Births and Deaths of London. Born Middlesex.
Elizabeth Daws. Wife. Mar. Age 46. Born Knightsbridge Middlesex.
Frances Daws. Dau. Unm. Age 21. Crape Worker. Born Brixton Surrey.
Jane Daws. Dau. Age 19. Dyers Assistant. Born Brixton Surrey.
Caroline Daws. Dau. Age 17. Packer. Born Brixton Surrey.
William Daws. Son. Age 15. Scholar. Born Brixton Surrey.
Alice Daws. Dau. Age 4. Born Lambeth Surrey.
Hampshire, England. Parish of Portsea. Registration District of Portsea Island. Source RG9/642/39/29. Household sched 179. Address: 18 Regent St.
James Greenaway. Head. Mar. Age 44. Marine Artillery Cook Officers Mess. Born Knightsbridge Kensington.
Jane Greenaway. Wife. Mar. Age 48. Born Yorkshire Richmond.
Hampshire, England. Parish of Southampton All Saints. Registration District of Southampton. Source RG9/677/119/5. Household sched 13. Address: Above Bar Street, Sussex Tavern.
Reuben Read. Head. Mar. Age 27. Painter. Born Hants, Stony Cross.
Margaretta Read. Wife. Mar. Age 43. Landlady. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Mary Cross. Niece. Age 16. Servant. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Kate Cross. Niece. Age 10. Scholar. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Middlesex, England. Parish of South Mimms. Registration District of Barnet. Source RG9/787/72/16. Household sched 77. Address: National School.
Daniel Wm Greenway. Head. Mar. Age 30. School Master. Born Middlesex Brompton.
Eleanor Greenway. Wife. Mar. Age 31. School Mistress. Born Somerset East Harptree.
Harry Greenway. Son. Age 1. Born Somerset Compton Martin.
Helen Greenway. Dau. Age 4m. Born Middlesex Potters Bar.
Wiltshire, England. Parish of Wardour. Registration District of Tisbury. Source RG9/1321/3/2. Household sched 6. Address: Wardour.
James Grant. Head. Widower. Age 68. Malster. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Henry Cross. Son in Law. Mar. Age 25. Wood Sawyer (Joiner). Born Wiltshire East Tisbury.
Amelia Cross. Wife. Mar. Age 31. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Wiltshire, England. Parish of East Tisbury. Registration District of Tisbury. Source RG9/1321/23/6. Household sched 33. Address: Waverlaw Cottage.
William Cross. Head. Mar. Age 22. Carter. Born Wiltshire Tisbury East.
Jane Cross. Wife. Mar. Age 22. Born Wiltshire Tisbury East.
Wiltshire, England. Parish of Wardour. Registration District of Tisbury. Source RG9/1321/25/15. Household sched 124. Address: Wardour.
John Palmer. Head. Mar. Age 61. Farm Carter. Born Wiltshire Swallow Clift.
Mary Palmer. Wife. Mar. Age 59. Born Wiltshire Wardour.
Dan Cross. Orphan. Age 8. Born Wilts Wardour.
Wiltshire, England. Parish of East Tisbury. Registration District of Tisbury. Source RG9/1321/28/15. Household sched 86. Address: Hendon Lane.
Sarah Cross. Head. Wid. Age 53. Born Mids London.
Mary Cross. Dau. Unm. Age 20. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
George Cross. Son. Age 18. Carter. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
James Cross. Son. Age 14. Ag Lab. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Harriett Cross. Dau. Age 12. Scholar. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.
Dorset, England. Parish of Pentridge. Registration District of Wimborne. Source RG9/1336/50/6. Household sched 27. Address: Woodgates Inn.
Together with a very large number:
Moses Cross. Servant. Age 13. Apprentice. Born Wiltshire Tisbury.

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