Descendants of John Grier and Janet McMonies
of Parton,Kircudbrightshire,Scotland
Including families of Birkett-Vipont, Broadfoot, Cockerell, Craig, Edwards, Emery,
Graham, Grier, Horne, Jones, Smith, Thomas, Vipont, White etc.

Knowledge of our family indicates that their geographical position in the eighteenth century was centred on Kircudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire, otherwise known as Galloway, in Scotland, and specifically around the area of Parton, a small village several miles north of Castle Douglas. The family tree described in these pages commences in 1714, though with an area of uncertainty until the marriage of John Grier and Janet McMonnies in 1757.

The development of DNA testing has raised the possibility of mapping the emergence of the names Grierson and Grier over the centuries.

For a convenient summary of the development of the family from its Parton roots, please see the
attached pdf document.

For further information see the DNA link.

Additional Reference:
Grierson Ancient Origins by Gayle Grierson Clutter (Sep 2018)

The direct line to Libby is
(1) John Grier & Janet McMonies or McMonnies
(2) John Grierson & Mary Burgess
(3) John Grierson & Phoebe Crew
(4) John Grierson & Annie Elizabeth Burton
(5) John Burton Grierson & Margaret Elizabeth Sampson
(6) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle

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Very large update to all generations and inclusion of family tree in pdf format added 28 Apr 2021

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