Parton Register

Introduction to the Parton Register
Births. These are blank from Feb 1717 to Jan 1745, excluding 2 entries in
1744; also Nov 1782 to May 1783, and defective to 1793. Mothers' names
are seldom recorded until 1812
Marriages. Blank from Jan 1717 to Nov 1744. No entries for 1764. Blank
Jun 1783 to 1833, after which only 7 entries in all.
Deaths. No entries Mar 1760 to Jan 1762, none for 1773. Record ends
May 1783.

Items considered to be related to this family directly are in bold.
The LDS microfilm number is 1068034.

4th Dec 1740
"David Grier an old man at Peathill"
5th June 1753
"Elizabeth Grier a child daughter to Robert at Barkinna" (See later)
10th March 1754
"Robert Grierson a young man at Shaw"
19th Dec 1756
"David Grier an old man at Little Markland"
8th Sep 1762
"James Grier at Peat Hill of an inflammatory fever"
20th Feb 1763
"John an infant son to John Grier in Shaw Measles" (See later)
(There was a measles epidemic)
8th July 1765
"James son to Robert Grier Red-croft"

In the deaths for 1770 is recorded
"May 3 Margaret Gorran in Cairn, aged."

24th May 1772
"Henry Grierson"
16th Feb 1774
"Margaret Thomson spouse to Robert Grierson in Red-Croft of a putrid fever"
4th Jan 1783
"Margaret Grierson of Llachine (?) Consumption"
Baptisms. September 12th 1714.
"Imprimis September 12 1714 William Grier Margaret Gorran had a lawfull
child baptized called John"
Baptisms. September 29th 1714
"John Grier Margaret Bronnan had two lawfull children baptized called
Samuel and Alexander"
Baptisms. September 29th 1714
"James Shennan Helen Bronnan had a lawfull child baptized called John"
Baptisms. October 12th 1714
"Robert Bronnan Margaret Nilson had a lawfull child baptized called William"
Baptisms. January 30th 1715
"Robert Grier Margaret Wilson had a lawfull child baptized called Robert"
Marriages. 26th April 1715
"James Hope and Mary Grier both of this parish married April 26th 1715"
Baptisms. December 25th 1716
"Robert Bronnan Margaret Nilson had a child baptized called Janet"
Baptisms. January 22nd 1717
"Robert Grier Marg. Wilson had a lawfull son baptized called James"
Baptisms. January 27th 1717
"James Shennan Helen Bronnan had a lawfull daughter baptized called
Marriages. 25th Apr 1745
"James Grierson and Elizabeth McLamroch 6th April 1745 gave up their
names for proclamation - married on 25th April 1745 in Drumrash"
Marriages. 6th August 1747
"George Hainning and Henret (?) Grierson"
Marriages. 14th Dec 1749
"James Sennoch in Bulmaghellan (?) and Anne Grierson of this parish
mar 14th December 1749"
Marriages. 22nd Nov 1750.
"Rodger Grierson in this parish and Agnes Craig in the parish of Kirkpatrick
m. at Glaisters in Kirkpatrick parish on Thursday 22nd Nov 1750"
Marriages. 27th Dec 1750
"David Grierson of Little Markland in this parrish and Agnes Kennan in Cross
Michael married at Crossmichael Kirk on Thursday 27th December 1750"
Baptisms 15th November 1751
"Jannet daughter to Rodger Grierson baptized at Middlaggan"
Baptisms. 7th December 1752
"Elisabeth daughter to Robert Grier baptised at Barkinna (?)"
See deaths earlier.
Baptisms. 10th September 1753
"Margaret Grier nat. daughter to William Grier and Jean McCurrie baptized
at the Manse"
Baptisms. 15th November 1754
"John son to Rodger Grierson baptized at Midleigan"
Baptisms. 13th August 1756
"Mary daughter to Rodger Grierson baptized at Middle Leiggan"

The following marriage was found to have been recorded in the old
parochial registers of Parton:-

"Saturday 13th August 1757 John Grier in this parish and Janet McMonnies in Tongland gave in their names in order to proclamation and were wedded at Dunjop on Thursday 25 August by Mr. Alexander Brown."

The farm property Dunjop still exists, about 3km West of Bridge of Dee, near Castle Douglas (ref Bartholomew National Map #37 1:100,000).

Presumably the proclamation was given in the parish of Parton while the actual marriage took place at the farm in Tongland.

In the IGI, there is an additional mention of the marriage of John Grier and Sarah McMonnies (sic) on 25 Aug 1757 at New Abbey, Kircudbright. The parish register (roll 1068033) for New Abbey was searched for this record, but no mention was found, so it is assumed to be a clerical error.

Marriages. 21st Nov 1758
"James Gibson and Margaret Grier both in this parish - wedded in church of
Parton Tuesday 21st November 1758"
Baptisms. 27th December 1758
"Margaret daughter to John Grier baptized at Shaw"
Baptisms. 6th April 1762
"John son to John Grier in Shaw" (see deaths earlier)
Baptisms. 4th March 1763
"James son to Robert Grier in Red-Croft"
Baptisms. 17th Feb 1764
"William son to John Grier in Shaw"
Marriages. 31st Oct 1765
"Robert Smith and - Grier dau to Wm Grier in Bormark in Balmichillon (?) -
marr 31st October 1765"
Baptisms. 5th April 1766
"George son to John Grier in Cairn"
Baptisms. 24th August 1768
"Robert son to John Grier in
Shaw Cairn"
Marriages. 1st Dec 1768
"James McCrabben at Auchensey and Eliz. Grier from Kirkpatrick mar
Dec 1 1768"
Baptisms. 6th September 1770
"Jannet daughter to John Grierson in Cairn"
Marriages. 27th Jun 1771
"John Grierson from Crosmichael and Agnes Chalmers in this parish marr
27th June 1771"
Marriages. 5th Mar 1772
"Will. Morrison and Margaret Grierson in Thelton m. 5th March 1772"
Marriages. 16th May 1773
"John Charters in Crantie (?) and Mary Grier in Redcroft having
acknowledged an irregular marriage some time last Spring - were caused
publickly to declare their adherance to each other rebuked and dignified from .(?)."
Marriages. 12th Sep 1773.
In like manner John Grier in Redcroft and Elizabeth Jardin from Dumfries
declared their adherance were rebuked and dignified"
Baptisms. 11th Sept (or Oct) 1773
"James son to John Grier in Red-Croft"
Marriages. 21st Apr 1774.
"Robert McCaw (?) in Cossock and Margaret Grierson in Red-Croft"
Baptisms. 9th January 1775
"Mary daughter to John Grier Cairn"
Marriages. 21st Nov 1775
"Robert Grier in Red-Croft and Jean Craig in parish of Orr were married
Nov 21st 1775"
Baptisms. 28th Nov 1776
"James son to Robt Grier Red-Croft"
Baptisms. 13th May 1778
"John son to John Grier Cairn at Dullarg by N.McK"
(Possible reference to Nathaniel McKie who appears in Crossmichael records.)
Baptisms. 7th Nov 1778
"Mary dau to George Grier Glenfoot"
Baptisms. 15th Jan 1799
"Jean, daughter to Alexander Grierson baptised at the church"
Baptisms. 25th April 1799
"Alexander, natural son to Alex. Grierson and Mary Jardine"
Baptisms. 28th June 1800
"Jean, daughter to James Grierson baptised at Redcroft"
Baptisms. 28th June 1801
"James, son to Alexander Grierson and Ann Lean baptised at the church"
Baptisms. 1st Dec 1802
"Agnes, dau. to Alexander Grierson in Barend"
Baptisms. 5th Nov 1803
"James & Nathaniel, sons to Alexr Grierson, in Barend"
Baptisms. 17th Oct 1804
"Agnes, dau to Alexr Grierson Holm-foot of Boreland"
Baptisms. 9th March 1806
"Robert son of James Grierson baptised at Redcroft"
Baptisms. 17th Jan 1807
"Barbara dau. to Alexander Grierson in Barend"
Baptisms. 1st April 1807
"Margaret, dau. to Alexander Grierson at the Kirk"
Baptisms. 13th June 1808
"Agnes, dau to James Grierson, baptised at Redcroft"
Baptisms. 2nd June 1810
"John, son to Alexander Grierson, baptised at Holmfoot of Boreland"
Baptisms. 19th Sep 1810
"James, son to James Grierson, baptised at Redcroft"
Baptisms. 22nd Jan 1813
"Mary daughter to James Grierson baptised at Redcroft"
Baptisms. 5th May 1814
"Margaret, dau of Alexander Grierson and Mary Lock in Barend"
Baptisms. 1st March 1816
"William, son of James Grierson and Mary Conchar in Redcroft, born
20th Feb 1816, bapt 1st March 1816"

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