Grocock ~ Certificates

Year Event Detail Gen
1851 Marriage 1851. Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St George Bloomsbury in the County of Middlesex.
No. 426. When Married. January twenty five
Name and Surname. William Henry Grocock
Age. Of full age
Condition. Bachelor
Rank or Profession. Traveller
Residence at time of marriage. 5 Amelia Place, New Cross
Father's name and surname. Samuel Grocock, Auctioneer
Name and Surname. Emily Watson
Age. Of full age
Condition. Spinster
Residence at time of marriage. 30 Great Russell St
Father's name and surname. John Watson, Gentleman
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me, Chas Fred Chas.
This marriage was solemnized between us, William Henry Grocock, Emily Watson, in the Presence of us, H S Watson, E H Wood.
1852 Birth Registration District Kensington Paddington & Fulham. 1852 Birth in the Sub-district of St. Mary Paddington in the County of Middlesex.
No. 207. When and where born: Tenth March 1852 7 Westbourne Park Road.
Name: Kate. Sex: Girl.
Name and surname of father: William Henry Grocock.
Name, surname and maiden surname of mother: Emily Grocock formerly Watson.
Occupation of father: Auctioneer Accountant and Valuer.
Informant: William Henry Grocock Father 7 Westbourne Park Road Paddington.
When registered: Fourth September 1852.
Registrar: James Pursey registrar Samuel Cornell Superintendent Registrar.
1854 Death 1854. Registration District Lambeth. Death in the Sub-district of Kennington 2nd Part in the County of Surrey.
No. 258
When and where died. Twenty fifth September 1854 Vassall Road.
Name and surname. Susannah Grocock.
Sex. Female
Age. 63 years.
Occupation. Widow of Samuel Grocock Auctioneer.
Cause of death. Apoplexy 3 hours Certified
Signature, description and residence of informant. William Taylor Present at Death Vassall Road North Brixton
When registered. Twenty seventh September 1854
Signature of registrar. Thos Wm Boult Registrar
Marriages solemnized in the District of Fitzroy in the Colony of Victoria.
No 196. When are where married: Eleventh March 1868. 48 Napier Street Fitzroy.
Husband: Walter Henry Serle. Bachelor. No previous children. Birthplace: London England.
Rank or Profession: Clerk. Age 27. Residence - present: Napier St Fitzroy. Usual: Napier St Fitzroy. Parents: James Serle, Mary Serle Maiden Name Southon. Father's rank or profession: Builder.
Wife: Kate Grocock. Spinster. No previous children. Birthplace: No. 7 Westbourne Park Road, Paddington, London.
Age 16. Residence Napier St Fitzroy. Usual residence Napier St Fitzroy. Parents: William Henry Grocock. Emily Grocock Maiden Name Watson. Father's rank or profession: Valuer.
I William Moss being Independent Minister do hereby certify that I have this day, at No 48 Napier Street Fitzroy, duly celebrated marriage between Walter Henry Serle of Napier St Fitzroy and Kate Grocock of Napier St Fitzroy after Notice and Declaration duly made and published, as by law required, and with the written consent of W.H. Grocock father of the bride. Dated this Eleventh day of March 1868. Signature William Moss.
Marriage was solemnized between us Kate Grocock, Walter Henry Serle according to the usages of the Independent denomination of Christians. Witnesses Eliza Andrew, William Henry Grocock.
Deaths in the District of Prahran in the Colony of Victoria, registered by A.F. White.
No 2637. When and where died. Eleventh August 1873. Bendigo Street. Town of Prahran. County of Bourke.
Name: William Henry Grocock. Hotelkeeper.
Sex and age: Male 53 years.
Cause of death. (Obscure) 7 days. Meningitis 4 days. J.K.Ramsey 11th August 1873.
Father and mother: Samuel Grocock. Auctioneer. Christian name of mother unknown. Maiden surname Hurst.
No 7950.
Informant: W H Serle. Son in law. Powlett Street East Melbourne.
Registrar: A.F.White. 12th August 1873. Prahran.
When and where buried: Thirteenth August 1873. St Kilda Cemetery. Edward Warwick (undertaker).
Minister and witness: John Falford Church of England. James Opray.
Where born, and how long in the Australian colonies: London England. 18 years. Victoria.
Married: 1st Marriage London. 2nd Richmond. 1st 30. 2nd 49. 1st Emily Watson. 2nd Emma Blunden.
Issue: Alice 2 years. By a former marriage Kate 21 years

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