Hake ~ First Generation

  John HAKE lived in Broadclyst, Devon, England.

John was mentioned in a Deed dated 1606 which was located by the Vicar of Broad Clyst in 1932. His Will was also available at that time, though not now, see below. He was described as 'Gentleman' of Witnabridge, Broadclyst, Devon.

This deed known as a Feoffment has been located at the Devon Heritage Centre and is attached. "In English law, feoffment was a transfer of land or property that gave the new holder the right to sell it as well as the right to pass it on to his heirs as an inheritance. It was total relinquishment and transfer of all rights of ownership of an estate in land from one individual to another." (ref Wikipedia)

"The reference number is 1310F/T/2. It is dated 2nd December, 1606. The description is as follows:
1. William Bennett of Westwood, Broadclyst
2. Sir John Acland, Richard Reynell, Thomas Chaple, John Hake, Edward Marten, Thomas Payne, William Seager, of Broadclyst.

Tenement and appurtaining lands of Prior Court, Broadclyst, containing 12 Almshouses and their gardens as built by Henry Burrough. (2) to maintain the upkeep of both houses and their inhabitants in truck."

The vast bulk of the original Devon wills and administrations were destroyed during the Second World War, when Exeter Probate Registry was bombed by the Germans during the Blitz of 1942. Therefore, Exeter Probate Registry now only holds original wills and administrations dating after this.

Married to Grace (surname unknown). The order of issue is uncertain.

John probably died 1618, as specified by the Vicar of Broad Clyst when his Will was available. There are references in Ancestry to the document "Devon & Cornwall: - Wills and Administrations Proved in The Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799; there is a John Hake listed 1614 at Broadcliste and there is a John Hake listed 1618 at Brodclist which were presumably two members of the same family. The name John Hake was fairly common at the time in Devon and Cornwall. See list below of all the Hake Wills in the Devon Wills Index.

The first available baptism records for Broadclyst appear to start in 1685 and can be viewed in findmypast..
The five children listed below were obtained from John's Will before it was destroyed.


1606 Deed
1. Stephen HAKE of Broadclyst  
2. John HAKE of Broadclyst  
3. Robert HAKE  
4. Jane HAKE  
5. Grace HAKE of Broadclyst
  1. John HAKE 1614 (not known)
2. John HAKE 1618 (generation 1, see above)
3. John HAKE 1646 (generation 3, son of Stephen Hake and Elizabeth Turberville)
4. Ralph HAKE 1657 (generation 3, son of Robert Hake). This Will was obtained from National Archives and is on generation 3.
5. Robert HAKE 1671 (generation 3, son of Robert Hake)
6. Giles HAKE 1674 (generation 4, son of Ralph Hake and Agnes Moore)
7. Robert HAKE 1676 (generation 2, son of John Hake and Grace)
8. John HAKE 1678 (generation 2, son of John Hake and Grace)
9. Agnes HAKE nee WILCOCKS 1682 (generation 3, widow of John Hake)
10. Ralph HAKE 1705 (generation 4, son of Ralph Hake and Agnes Moore)
11. Agnes HAKE nee MOORE 1708 (generation 3, widow of Ralph Hake)
12. Elizabeth MOORE or HAKE 1726 (generation 4, widow of Ralph Hake and Richard Moore)

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