Hemsley Family
from Sussex, London and Kent

The direct line to Libby is:

(1) Henery Hemsley and Sarah Wagghorne
(2) Samuel Hemsley and Elizabeth Hutchingson
(3) Samuel Hemsley and Mary Waghorne
(4) William Hemsley (Waghorne) & Elizabeth Smith
(5) Charles Hemsley & Charlotte Edwards
(6) Charlotte Elizabeth Hemsley & Sidney Hake (to HAKE tree)
(7) Dora Beatrice Hake & Percival Serle (to SERLE tree)
(8) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson (to GRIERSON tree)

See Album for information about the Edwards, Hake and Hemsley photo album,
here for those photos that are probably relevant to the Hemsley family in Adelaide.

Recent Changes

Great enlargement of every part of the tree added 25 Dec 2020

A further three generations added at the beginning of the tree (due to the discovery of the baptism of William Hemsley (Waghorne) who was the illegitimate but actual child of Samuel Hemsley and Mary Waghorne) added 15 Aug 2020

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