The Insull Family of Worcestershire & Warwickshire
4 generations


The name INSULL appears to have started on Worcestershire and extended into Warwickshire from about 1700 onwards, as described in this family tree. The particular branch described here appears to have no further descendants named Insull. However, as there are many other documented occurrences of the name, it seems that they must have descended from earlier members of the family, i.e. pre 1700. The lack of parish records makes these people hard to trace and connect.

"This unusual name is an example of a 'lost' village, a common phenomenon in England, where the original location here a place called 'Insoll' in Elmley Lovett, Worcestershire, has now completely vanished. It is well recorded from the 12th to the 17th centuries, first as 'Inerdeshell' in 1275 and last as 'Insoll' in 1642, which suggests that of the usual reasons for the disappearance of a place - plague, sheep enclosures and war - the last mentioned could account for the loss of 'Insoll' since 1642 was at the height of the Civil War (1641-1649). The place name is of Old English pre 7th century origin and means 'the dweller at the huts'. In the modern idiom the name can be found as 'Insall', 'Insull', 'Insoll', 'Inseal', 'Insole', and 'Hinsull', the first modern recording being that of Philip Insoll (1603 Worcestershire)." (ref

The layout of this website is in the form of the 4 generations, with a complete index of names of everyone mentioned (the "Names" button above), and a page index that leads directly to each individual page in the website (the "Page Index" button above). To start reading from oldest downwards, press the button above ("Family History Next Gen"). The Home Page button takes you to my other family trees.

There are many gaps and assumptions which may be proved or disproved later with further evidence, particularly in the early information which is largely based on incomplete parish records.

It is possible that there might be many mistaken assumptions due to identical names, ages and places. I would be delighted to have any of these pointed out to me, or if anyone can provide further information.

The direct line to Fred Shade is
(1) William Insull & Rebecca,
(2) Richard Insull & Mary,
(3) Mary Insull & John Burman, (goes to BURMAN tree)
(4) John Burman & Esther/Hester Field,
(5) Richard Burman & Anna Shuttleworth,
(6) William Insull Burman & Sarah Smith,
(7) Anna Sophia Burman & Thomas Johnson, (goes to JOHNSON tree)
(8) Alfred Thomas Johnson & Sarah Ann Bysouth,
(9) Ada Evenia Johnson & Albert Shade, (goes to SHADE tree)
(10) Albert Ernest Shade & Mary Beatrice Chapple.

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