The Nicks Family
initially from east Devon, England

The direct line to Libby is:
(1) Francis Nicks
(2) Francis Nicks & Jone
(3) Francis Nicks & Mary Sarell
(4) Francis Nicks & Elizabeth Wilson
(5) Ann Nicks & William Dunsford (goes to DUNSFORD tree)
(6) Agnes Dunsford & James Serle (goes to SERLE tree)
(7) James Serle & Mary Southon
(8) Walter Henry Serle & Kate Grocock
(9) Percival Serle & Dora Beatrice Hake
(10) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson.

Recent Changes

New tree created 18 Jan 2021

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This family tree is provided for mutual information within the family.
The information given will be referenced by official documents, family bibles etc.
Information that is uncertain or unreferenced will not be published.
For privacy of the present generations, the family tree will halt at the generation born around the start of the 20th century.
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