Poulain Family

originating from Luneray, Seine-Maritime, France

Regrettably, it is now clear that
the Jeanne Poulain who married Jean Pierre Cazaly
(and became Fred Shade's ancestor)
is not the Jeanne Poulain on page 5 of this documentation,
the daughter of Isaac Poulain and Jeanne Levesque,
who was baptised 21 Jan 1732/33.
According to her Marriage Bond, she married at the
age of 20 to James Grinonneau in 1753.
Her younger sister Jeanne baptised 1727
presumably died young.

Therefore, this tree is not the ancestry of Fred Shade
but has been retained to help others.


The Poulain family were Huguenots, escapees from religious persecution in France particularly at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. The history of the hundreds of thousands of Huguenots displaced from Europe is well documented. The area that the Poulain family came from is in Normandy, France, close to Dieppe which has a direct route to Dover, Kent.

On arrival in England as refugees, the Poulain family and other compatriots settled and worshipped in the Walloon or Strangers Church in Canterbury Cathedral in Kent.

After some time they made their way to the Huguenot area of London, particularly at the Threadneedle Street and Saint Jean French Huguenot churches (temples).

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Proof that this is not the ancestry ofFred Shade 12 Jan 2023

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