Robison ~ Fourth Generation

    Issue of Jane (Janey) Robison and John (Jack) Giles Grigg  
1.   Olive Jane GRIGG
Born 1891 at Allandale, Victoria, dau of Jno Grigg and Jane Robinson (Vic reg 29190 which adds the surname Olive to both Olive and her father).
2.   Mary Ellen Pearl GRIGG
Born 1894 at Broomfield, Victoria, dau of Jno Griggs and Jane Robinson (Vic reg 27056 under Griggs).
Death reg of Mary Ellen Grigg 1979 at Kew, Victoria, dau of John Grigg and Jane Robison aged 88 [85] (Vic reg 511).
3.   Ivy GRIGG
Born 1897 at Broomfield, Victoria, dau of Jno Grigg and Jane Robinson (Vic reg 1245).
Death reg of Ivy Grigg 1969 at Coburg, Victoria, dau of Giles John Grigg and Janey Robison aged 73 (Vic reg 17632).
4.   William John GRIGG
Born c1899 (birth rec not found).
Death reg of William John Grigg 1968 at Murchison, Victoria, son of John Grigg and Jane Robison, aged 69 (Vic reg 27106).
    Issue of Amelia Rose Robison and William George Ward  
1.   William George WARD
Born 1898 at Creswick, son of Geo Wm Ward and Amelia Robinson (Vic reg 18059).
Died 1969 at Sunshine, Victoria, son of Willi George and Amelia Robinson, aged 70 (Vic reg 8033).
2.   Henry James WARD
Born 1902 at Smeaton, son of Geo Wm Ward and Amelia Robison (Vic reg 21773).
Died 1975 at Caulfield, Victoria, son of George Ward and Amelia Robinson aged 73 (Vic reg 22687)
3.   Enid Jane WARD
Born 1906 at Creswick, dau of Geo Wm Ward and Amelia Robison (Vic reg 26089).
4.   Ormond Victor WARD
Born 1908 at Creswick, son of Geo Wm Ward and Amelia Robison (Vic reg 26314).
Died 1969 at Hawthorn, Victoria, son of Willi and Amelia Robertson aged 60 (Vic reg 6735)
    Issue of William Henry (Buck) Robison and Ada Mary Gitsham  
1.   Doris Mabel ROBISON
Born 6 Aug 1904 at Creswick, Victoria.
Died 10 Apr 1905 at Creswick, Victoria.
2.   Iris Maud ROBISON
Born 17 Sep 1905 at Creswick, Victoria, celebrated by her on 16th (her error).
Iris married Jack ROUGH.
Jack died 3 Nov 1959 at St Vincents Hospital, Sydney, NSW, ashes scattered.
Iris died 30 Jul 1975 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, NSW, ashes scattered.
3.   Elvie Edith ROBISON
Born 4 Apr 1908 at Creswick, Victoria.
Elvie was married 21 Dec 1929 at Carnegie Methodist Church, Victoria to James (Jim) BRYDEN.
James born 1901 at Cowdenbeath, Fifeshire, Scotland.
James was employed as Miner at Wonthaggi, Victoria.
James died 1 May 1966 at Wonthaggi, Victoria of spinal tuberculosis, result of a mining accident.
James buried 3 May 1966 at Springvale Crematorium, ashes placed at Wall 2 Niche 188, Springvale.
Elvie died 30 Dec 1988 at Wonthaggi, Victoria, ashes placed at Wall 2 Niche 188, Springvale.
4.   William Henry ROBISON
Born 29 Jan 1910 at Creswick, Victoria.
Died 13 Nov 1912 at Wonthaggi, Victoria.
5.   Ada Mary (Tess) ROBISON
Born 25 Dec 1911 at Creswick, Victoria.
Tess was married 28 Apr 1934 at Methodist Church, Auburn, Victoria to John Harold BLUNDELL. Harold was born 17 Jun 1909 at Walthamstow, England. His birth was reg Sep qtr 1909 at W.Ham dist, Essex (ref FreeBMD).
Harold died 6 Aug 1973, struck by car, ashes scattered..
Tess died 14 Nov 1991 at Manchester Unity, Glen Waverley, Victoria, ashes scattered.
Notice in Memorial Book, Garden of No Distant Place, Autumn Pavilion, 28 April (Wedding Anniversary), Springvale.
Issue 1 child.
6.   Jean ROBISON
Born 12 Jul 1914 at Creswick, Victoria (Vic reg 21165).
Birth record is 13 Jul 1914. This was discovered when Jean got her first passport. Thought to be a paternal error.
Jean was employed as Saleslady.
Jean was married on 16 Apr 1938 at St Kilda Methodist, Fitzroy Street to Roger William (Rod) BRIMAGE. Roger was born on 28 Mar 1911 at Alberton, SA, son of Percy Rogers Brimage and Ella Ann Clark.
Marriage: Jean given away by Jack ROUGH; Bridesmaids= Roma BRIMAGE & Joyce ROBISON, Trainbearer=Joan BRIMAGE.
Roger was employed as Motor Mechanic, RAAF Warrant Officer.
Roger died 14 Sep 1972 at Highett, Victoria.
Roger buried 18 Sep 1972 at Springvale Crematorium.
Roger: Death: Myocardial infaction, Arteriosclerosis. Died at home in the garage, regarded as instantaneous. Burial: Ashes scattered.
Jean died 8 Oct 1989 at North Balwyn, Victoria of a stroke (Vic reg 26158). Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Hypertension. At nursing home where she resided after two lesser and one major strokes.
Jean buried 12 Oct 1989 at Springvale Crematorium Grevillia J4 Bed3 #27.
Issue 2 children.
7.   Joyce Millicent ROBISON
Born 14 Jan 1921 at Wonthaggi, Victoria.
Joyce was married on 6 Jun 1942 at Methodist Church, Barkers Road, East Hawthorn Victoria to William George (Bill) JOHNSTONE. Bill was born 16 Aug 1916 at Kew, Victoria.
Marriage: Rev Newton GREENWOOD; Joyce given away by Jim BRYDEN.
William died 12 May 2001, buried Lilydale Memorial Park.
Joyce died at John Hopkins Hospital, Moreland, Victoria, ashes buried Lilydale Memorial Park.
Issue 1 child.
    Issue of Edith (Edie) Robison and Thomas Harris  
1.   Claude Thomas HARRIS
Born 1905 at Creswick, Victoria, son of Thos Harris and Elizth (sic) Robison (Vic reg 2406).
2.   Edith Jane HARRIS
Born 1906 at Creswick, Victoria, dau of Thos Harris and Edith Robison (Vic reg 26094).
Married unknown FILMER.
Death reg of Edith Jane Filmer 1973 at Kew, Victoria, dau of Thomas Harris and Edith Robinson, aged 66 (Vic reg 21752).
3.   John William HARRIS
Born 1908 at Creswick, Victoria, son of Thos Harris and Edith Robison (Vic reg 26315).
4.   Alan James HARRIS
Born c1917 in Victoria.
Died 1958 at Kew, Victoria, aged 41, son of Thomas, and Edith Jane Robison (Vic reg 11414).

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