Sampson ~ First Generation

  William SAMPSON
Married Mary unknown.
The Sampson family that is the subject of this website lived in the area of Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England.

Alf Wesson reported in 1984 that he had found at St Nicholas Church, Leicester, the marriage, on 3 November 1788, of William SANSOME of that parish and Mary GULSON of Wigston Magna. In spite of the spelling (which is a recognized alternative to Sampson), he was certain that this relates to our William and Mary. This record is now indexed in FamilySearch. He continued: "As for Mary, I think she is the daughter, born 1758, of Edward and Ann Gulson. These Gulsons were Quakers and certainly had connections with Wigston, whether or not they actually lived there. There are a few, but not many, details about them and the Society of Friends have not been able to help. However, if I am on the right lines, it supports, somewhat indirectly, a statement once made to me by Letty McCormack that the Sampsons were formerly Quakers. I am now waiting, Micawber-like, for something to turn up!"

A very thorough review has been done of entries for Sampson, Sansome and similar names in Leicestershire for the time in question, in findmypast, in 2018.
The only likely marriage that has been found is the one referred to above, on 3 Nov 1788 at St Nicholas, Leicester, between Will'm SANSOME and Mary GULSON, the index being in findmypast but the image not yet available online.

In addition, the birth of Mary GULSON on 28 Aug 1758, daughter of Edward and Ann, as reported in fmp in the England & Wales Society of Friends (Quaker) Births does appear to be the most likely one for the Mary whose marriage is above.William and Mary's son John (if the correct family) married for his first wife a "Dissenter". His second wife was eventually buried in Wigston Magna Congregational Church. No other siblings for John Sampson have been found.


1. John SAMPSON bap 1789 at Wigston Magna, Leicester  

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