Southon ~ Photos

James Serle (1804-1877) (generation 2)
courtesy Pat Jaffe

Mary Southon (1807-1861) (generation 2)
courtesy Pat Jaffe

Sandwich Street, St Pancras, London, 1945, VE Day party (Victory in Europe)
Violet Southon with baby in arms Chris (Pateman) (the one without the hat on nearest the road);
note that the house next door was bombed
(Photo courtesy Christine Pateman 2012)

Alfred Francis Southon, gen 5 (b 1887) and wife Lydia Maud nee Cole in 1949
(Photo courtesy Christine Pateman 2012)

Ellen Hester Shiers nee Hall (b 1892) - generation 5
(Photo courtesy Sandra Mackie 2012)

Updated 6 Apr 2018