Tay Family of Worcestershire

The origin of the name Tay is uncertain, and while there is a river Tay in Scotland and some people claim that the name originated in Scotland,
most British Tays are in England rather than Scotland. Many early records have variations in spelling such as TOY and TOYE.

This tree can be shown fairly confidently but there are two points at which key decisions had to be made.

Edward Tay appears in the Northfield, Worcestershire, records with baptisms of his children, but before him, there are no mentions of Tay for about 40 years in that parish.

The family descending from Edward Tay remains in Northfield for many generations, until brothers John and William in the fifth generation appear at Kings Norton,
Worcestershire, with the baptisms of their families.
I have made the assumption that these brothers are the Northfield ones though their respective marriages have not been found either in Northfield or in Kings Norton.

Following this in the next generation, John has a child Hannah Tay at Kings Norton, baptised in 1789.
This timing matches perfectly with the birth of the Hannah Tay who married Joseph Crew in Gloucestershire in 1809.
No other Hannah Tay can be found in all the published records who fits this person, so I have made this assumption.
Unfortunately the image of the marriage is not yet available online, and Hannah died before the 1851 census.

Based on these assumptions, the direct line to Libby is
(1) Edward Tay
(2) John Tay & Mary Roe
(3) Thomas Tay & Sarah Curtler
(4) William Tay & Elizabeth Smith
(5) John Tay & Elizabeth
(6) Hannah Tay & Joseph Crew
(7) Phoebe Crew & John Grierson (GOES TO GRIERSON TREE)
(8) John Grierson & Annie Elizabeth Burton
(9) John Burton Grierson & Margaret Elizabeth Sampson
(10) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle.

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