Tay ~ Third Generation

    Issue of Samuel Tay and Hannah Huish  
1.   Samuel TAY
Bap of Samuel Tay 30 Jan 1730/31 at Camerton, Somerset, son of Samuel & Hannah (ref Ancestry Somerset CofE baptisms image).

Marriage 29 May 1753 at Camerton, Somerset of Samael Tay to Mary KELSON of Wellow. (ref Ancestry Somerset CofE images). Wellow and Claverton are 7 miles apart.

Bap of Mary Kelson, 9 Jan 1730/31 at Claverton, Somerset, dau of George & Mary Kelson (ref Ancestry Somerset baptism images). Claverton is a short distance from Bath and Camerton. Mary had at least 11 siblings whose baptism records are in the register for Claverton. Mary was a daughter of GEORGE KELSON AND MARY WARD; they were married 12 Mar 1726 at Claverton, Somerset (ref fmp Somerset Archives).

Samuel was witness to his daughter Anne's marriage in 1788.

Samuel was buried 29 Dec 1802 at Camerton Somerset .(Ancestry Somerset CofE image)

Mary died 1808 aged 77. Her burial is below.
"Camerton, Somerset. 10 Apr 1808. Mary Tay widow age 77". (ref Ancestry, Somerset CofE images).

  1. Hannah TAY (1) bap 1754 at Camerton, Somerset, twin  
  2. Hesther TAY bap 1754 at Camerton, Somerset, twin  
  3. Hannah TAY (2) bap 1755 at Camerton, Somerset  
  4. James TAY bap 1757 at Camerton, Somerset  
  5. Samuel TAY bap 1759 at Camerton, Somerset  
  6. Mary TAY (1) bap 1762 at Camerton, Somerset  
  7. Anne TAY (1) bap 1764 at Camerton, Somerset  
  8. Mary TAY (2) bap 1766 at Camerton, Somerset  
  9. Anne TAY (2) bap 1768 at Camerton, Somerset  
  10. Lydia TAY bap 1770 at Camerton, Somerset, twin  
  11. Samuel TAY (2) bap 1770 at Camerton, Somerset, twin  
  12. Elizabeth TAY bap 1771 at Camerton, Somerset  

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