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Wardle ~ First Generation

  In the following family tree, I have followed the convention of spelling the surname as Wardle where there are many variations, including Wardel, Wardell, Wardail, Wardale and Weredale among others. I have indicated a variation if it is used in original sources.

Michael Wardle, who has researched this tree extensively, provides several generations of names prior to the marriage of Thomas and Jane here.
He specifies that Thomas Wardell (born 1585) married Isabella Ellison, and had a son John Wardell, born 1614, died 1682. This John left a Will (available online) which includes his children named as Thomas, Stephen, Alice and John. This last Thomas is identified in many Ancestry Public Trees as the Thomas below. I will not attempt to include them in this tree.


Born c1648 (ref APT, baptism not found at Brancepeth, Durham).

Marriage 1683 at Brancepeth, Durham of Thos WARDAIL to Jane BELL (ref Boyd's Marriage Index in fmp).

Jane was born 8 Dec 1656; bap 14 Dec 1656 at Brancepeth, Durham, Jane, dau of John Bell (ref FamilySearch P00008-1).

Their abode was Stockley, Brancepeth in 1694 at the death of daughter Jane.

Burial of Thomas Wardale 18 Jun 1728 at Brancepeth St Brandon, Durham; the Will was signed on the 16 Jun 1728 (ref fmp, Northumberland and Durham Burials & National Burial Index which have the date 18 Jun 1727).

The Will of Thomas was as follows. [signed 16 Jun 1728, probate Jul 1728]
"In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Wardell of Brancepeth in the County of Durham being sick & weak of body but of sound & perfect mind & memory praise be to God for ye same. This I ordain to be my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following. First I order that my funerall expences be paid & discharged & my Body I committ to ye Earth to be decently buried at ye discression of my Executors hereafter named and as touching all such Estates as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I give and dispose thereof as followeth. Item I give unto my son John Wardell all my Estate of land lying & being at Brancepeth Fowenheade (?) called & known by the name of Bodgellhole [sic]. Item I leave unto my beloved Wife Jane Wardell the sum of four pounds to be paid her out of ye said Land yearly every year during her life & to be paid her at two payments in the year. Item I leave unto my son Thomas Wardell the sum of twenty five pounds. Item I leave unto my son Robert Wardell the sum of forty five pounds. Item I leave unto my daughter Catharine Corner the sum of ten pounds to be paid her out of my Estate. Item I leave unto my daughter Mary Mitcheson the sum of ten pounds to be paid her out of my Estate & to be paid then at ye end of two years after my decease. Item I leave more unto my daughter Mary Mitcheson the sum of twenty pounds to to be paid her by my daughter Catharine Corner. Item I leave unto my Grand Child Thomas Corner the sum of ten pounds. Item I leave unto my Grand Child Jane Corner the sum of five pounds. Item I leave unto my Grand Child Elizabeth Corner ye sum of five pounds. Item I leave unto my Grand Child Margret Corner the sum of five pounds to be paid them when they attain to ye years of twenty & one & if any of ye said children shall dye before they come to those years the said money is to be equally divided among ye other children & I order those said legacyes to be paid them by my son John Wardell & order him to pay & discharge the sum of ten pounds towards ye funerall expenses of my beloved wife Jane Wardell when ever it pleases God she shall dye. Lastly I make & ordain my wife Jane Wardell full & sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament revoking dismissing & making void all other former Wills by me made.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto left my Hand and Seale this sixteenth day of June in ye year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred twenty eight and in ye first year of ye Reign of King George the Second.
His mark & Seale
Thomas Wardell
Signed Sealled & Delivered in the presence of Cath Harrow Joan Browen John Fuston (?)"
Probate was granted July 1728.

Burial of Jane Weredale 20 Sep 1729 at Brancepeth St Brandon, Durham, abode Boggle Hole (ref fmp,
Northumberland and Durham Burials & National Burial Index).

Baptisms of some of the children named in the Will have not been found, and therefore their dates are approximate.


1. Catherine WARDLE bap 1684(/85) at Brancepeth, Durham  
2. William WARDLE bap 1686 at Brancepeth, Durham  
3. John WARDLE born c1688 at Brancepeth, Durham  
4. Mary WARDLE born c1690 at Brancepeth, Durham  
5. Thomas WARDLE bap 1692 at Brancepeth, Durham  
6. Jane WARDLE bap 1694 at Brancepeth, Durham  
7. Robert WARDLE born c1696 at Brancepeth, Durham  

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