Watson ~ 1871 Census
Night of 2nd April 1871


of Head
London, England. Civil Parish of Kensington. Registration District of Kensington. Source RG10/45/41/11. Household sched 57. Address: 15 Carlton Road.
Henry Abbey. Head. Wid. Age 40. Accountant. Born St Pancras.
Together with 2 servants.
London, England. Civil Parish of Islington. Registration District of Islington. Source RG10/304/77/41. Household sched 183. Address: 16 Clarence Terr.
Wm Eaden. Lodger. Wid. Age 70. Retired Merchant. Born Cambridge Cambridgeshire.
Martha E Eaden. Lodger. Unm. Age 46. Born Cambridge Cambridgeshire.
London, England. Civil Parish of St George Bloomsbury. Town of London. Registration District of St Giles. Source RG10/340/36/3. Household sched 13. Address: 11a Hart St, St George Bloomsbury, London.
Edward H Wood. Head. Mar. Age 45. Ornamental Confectioner. Born Surrey, Ewell.
Sarah S Wood. Wife. Mar. Age 48. Ornamental Confectioner's Wife. Born Herts, Buntingford.
Herbert W Wood. Son. Unm. Age 17. Commercial Clerk / (obscure). Born Middlesex, Marylebone.
Emily J Wood. Daur. Unm. Age 15. Born Middlesex, Hanwell.
Lucy E Wood. Daur. Age 13. Born Middlesex, Stoke Newington.
Ada S Wood. Daur. Age 9. Born Middlesex, Hammersmith.
Together with 2 servants.
Surrey, England. Civil Parish of Camberwell. Registration District of Camberwell. Source RG10/731/132/58. Household sched 269. Address: Camberwell.
John J Sibley. Head. Mar. Age 55. Auctioneer & Surveyor. Born Hertfordshire Wheathampstead.
Ann E Sibley. Wife. Mar. Age 58. Born Hertfordshire Buntingford.
Emily Sibley. Dau. Unm. Age 28. Born Hertfordshire Buntingford.
Alfred Sibley. Son. Unm. Age 26. Commercial Clerk. Born Hertfordshire Buntingford.
Ernest Sibley. Son. Age 18. Commercial Clerk. Born Hertfordshire Buntingford.
Edmund Sibley. Son. Age 17. Commercial Clerk. Born Hertfordshire Buntingford.
London, England. Civil Parish of Charlton. Ecclesiastical parish of St Paul. Town of Charlton. Registration District of Woolwich. Source RG10/774/113/22. Household sched 122. Address: The Cottage, Charlton.
Henry S Watson. Head. Mar. Age 65. Foreign Merchant. Born Herts, Royston.
Martha Watson. Wife. Mar. Age 63. Born Hertford.
Together with 2 servants.
Kent, England. Civil Parish of Hougham. Registration District of Dover. Source RG10/1012/36/16. Household sched 82. Address: Folkestone Road.
Charles Watson. Head. Wid. Age 60. Income from houses. Born Cambridge.
Together with a servant.
Middlesex, England. Civil Parish of Finchley. Registration District of Barnet. Source RG10/1333/35/62. Household sched 295. Address: 1 Moss Hall Crescent.
William W Eaden. Head. Mar. Age 42. Attorney and Solicitor. Born Cambridgeshire Cambridge.
Blanche Eaden. Wife. Mar. Age 33. Born Middlesex London.
Kate F Eaden. Dau. Age 12. Scholar. Born Kent Canterbury.
Charles E Eaden. Son. Age 10. Scholar. Born Kent Canterbury.
Ellen B Eaden. Dau. Age 9. Scholar. Born Middlesex Colney Hatch.
Gertrude M Eaden. Dau. Age 7. Scholar. Born Middlesex Colney Hatch.
Frank R Eaden. Son. Age 6. Scholar. Born Middlesex Colney Hatch.
Hilda L Eaden. Dau. Age 5. Scholar. Born Middlesex Colney Hatch.
Together with 2 servants.
Devon, England. Civil Parish of Spreyton. Registration District of Okehampton. Source RG10/2156/60/14. Household sched 57. Address: Vicarage.
Frederick F Hole. Head. Mar. Age 58. Vicar of Spreyton. Born Devon Iddlesleigh.
Marianne Hole. Wife. Mar. Age 54. Born Herts Wyddiall.
Alice Louisa Hole. Dau. Unm. Age 24. Born Somerset Shepton Mallet.
Ada Caroline Hole. Dau. Age 18. Born Somerset Chilton Cantelo.
Gloucestershire, England. Civil Parish of Clifton. Ecclesiastical parish of Emanuel. Town of Bristol. Registration District of Clifton. Source RG10/2544/87/58. Household sched 166. Address: College Gate, Clifton.
Henry C Watson. Unm. Age 28. Assistant Master in Nat Science. Born Middlesex, Finsbury.
Leicestershire, England. Civil Parish of Glooston. Registration District of Market Harborough. Source RG10/3226/77/5. Household sched 1. Address: 1 Glooston St.
Frank Sherwell. Unm. Age 42. Curate of Glooston. Born Middlesex Kensington.
Together with a servant.

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