Watson ~ 1881 Census
Night of 3rd April 1881


of Head
London, England. Civil Parish of Paddington. Registration District of Kensington. Source RG11/6/95/32. Household sched 143. Address: 17 Blomfd Road.
At the home of William Wilson (49) and family:
Martha Eliza Eden [sic]. Visitor. Unm. Age 50. Visitor. Born Cambridgeshire Cambridge.
London, England. Civil Parish of Camberwell. Registration District of Camberwell. Source RG11/673/14/23. Household sched 111. Address: 14 Shenley Rd.
Anne E Sibley. Head. Wid. Age 68. No occupation. Born Buntingford Herts.
Ernest E Sibley. Son. Unm. Age 28. No occupation. Born Buntingford Herts.
Ada Hole. Visitor. Unm. Age 28. No occupation. Born Chilton Somerset.
Together with a servant.
London, England. Civil Parish of Camberwell. Registration District of Camberwell. Source RG11/673/14/24. Household sched 112. Address: 14 Shenley Rd.
William McDonell. Head. Mar. Age 58. Sec to a Company. Born Marylebone.
Emily S McDonell. Wife. Mar. Age 38. Born Buntingford Herts.
Irene M McDonell. Dau. Age 9. Scholar. Born Peckham.
Claude A C McDonell. Son. Age 6. Scholar. Born Peckham.
Violet E McDonell. Dau. Age 4. Born Peckham.
London, England. Civil Parish of Camberwell. Registration District of Camberwell. Source RG11/682/7/7. Household sched 35. Address: 13 Hanover Park.
Together with his grandmother Eleanor C Testro (65) and aunt Charlotte E Testro (23):
Reginald H Sibley. Grandson. Age 5. Born Peckham Rye, London.
London, England. Civil Parish of Camberwell. Registration District of Camberwell. Source RG11/685/72/39. Household sched 226. Address: 47 Manaton Rd.
Alfred Sibley. Head. Mar. Age 36. Bankers Clerk. Born Herts Buntingford.
Kate C Sibley. Wife. Mar. Age 30. Born Ireland.
Alfred H F Sibley. Son. Age 3. Born Surrey Peckham.
Maude E Sibley. Dau. Age 2. Born Surrey Peckham.
Mabel K Sibley. Dau. Age 8 mths. Born Surrey Peckham.
London, England. Civil Parish of Charlton Next Woolwich. Registration District of Woolwich. Source RG11/741/75/32. Address: Morden College.
Together with many others:
Charles Watson. Pensioner. Wid. Age 71. Decayed Merchant. Born Cambs Cambridge.
Sussex, England. Civil Parish of Brighton. Registration District of Brighton. Source RG11/1093/111/12. Household sched 70. Address: 111 Western Road.
Together with others:
Frank Shewell. Lodger. Mar. Age 48. Clergyman. Born London.
Kate F Shewell. Wife. Mar. Age 26. Born Kent Canterbury.
Hampshire, England. Civil Parish of Holdenhurst. Registration District of Christchurch. Source RG11/1195/56/49. Household sched 216. Address: The Osborne Boarding House, Priory Rd, Holdenhurst.
Henry S Watson. Boarder. Widr. Age 75. Retired Foreign Merchant. Born Herts, Rapton.
Hampshire, England. Civil Parish of Andover. Registration District of Andover. Source RG11/1262/55/31. Household sched 174. Address: Bridge Street.
Together with her brother, George K Reynolds:
Blanche Eaden. Sister. Wid. Age 43. Born London.
Ellen B Eaden. Niece. Age 19. Born Middlesex Barnet.
Hilda L Eaden. Niece. Age 15. Born Middlesex Barnet.
Middlesex, England. Civil Parish of Harrow. Registration District of Hendon. Source RG11/1359/21/35. Household sched 180. Address: 2 Northwick Villas, Marlborough Rd, Harrow.
Edwd Hy Wood. Head. Mar. Age 55. Wholesale Ornamental Confectioner. Born Surrey, Ewell.
Sarah S Wood. Wife. Mar. Age 58. Born Herts, Buntingford.
Herbert W Wood. Son. Unm. Age 27. Born Middlx, Marylebone.
Emily Julia Wood. Daur. Unm. Age 25. Born Middlx, Hanwell.
Lucy E Wood. Daur. Unm. Age 23. Born Middlx, Stoke Newington.
Ada S Wood. Daur. Unm. Age 19. Born Middlx, Hammersmith.
Together with 2 servants.
Norfolk, England. Civil Parish of Rougham. Registration District of Mitford. Source RG11/1981/91/25. Household sched 66. Address: 15 Street Vicarage.
Maria Claxton. Serv. Mar. Age 47. Left in charge of the Vicarage. Born High Dalveston Norfolk.
Beaudon E Shewell. Son. Age 4. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Eden F Shewell. Son. Age 3. Born Rougham Norfolk.
George Shewell. Son. Age 2. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Dora C Shewell. Dau. Age 1. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Henry C Shewell. Son. Age 8 mths. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Together with 2 servants.
Dorset, England. Civil Parish of Weymouth. Registration District of Weymouth. Source RG11/2105/9/12. Household sched 144. Address: 4-5 Bond St, London Hotel.
Henry Abbey. Head. Wid. Age 52. Hotel Keeper. Born Middlesex St Pancras.
Devon, England. Civil Parish of Spreyton. Registration District of Okehampton. Source RG11/2226/131/14. Household sched 61. Address: Vicarage.
F F Hole. Head. Mar. Age 68. Vicar of Spreyton. Born Devon Iddesleigh.
Marianne Hole. Wife. Mar. Age 64. Born Herts Wyddiall.
Somerset, England. Civil Parish of Huish Champflower. Registration District of Dulverton. Source RG11/2358/105/2. Household sched 8. Address: Huish Champflower.
Henry Briggs Lang. Head. Mar. Age 36. Commander Royal Navy. Born Chatham Dock Yard.
Lucy Martha Lang. Wife. Mar. Age 40. Born Islington, London.
Lucy Louisa Lang. Daur. Age 5. Born Charlton, Kent.
Beatrice Martha Lang. Daur. Age 4. Born Cape of Good Hope.
Christobel Agnes Lang. Daur. Age 3. Born Bath, Somersetshire.
Oliver Lang. Son. Age 1 month. Born Huish Champflower, Somersetshire.
Together with 4 servants.
Gloucestershire, England. Civil Parish of Clifton. Registration District of Barton Regis. Source RG11/2483/27/50. Household sched 154. Address: 30 College Road, College House, Clifton.
Henry C Watson. Head. Mar. Age 38. Assistant Master - Clifton - M.A. Clerk in Holy Orders - F.R.A.S.
Anne A Watson. Wife. Mar. Age 35. Born Kent Woolwich.
Charles H Watson. Son. Age 8. Scholar. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Alice A Watson. Daur. Age 7. Scholar. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Douglas P Watson. Son. Age 5. Scholar. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Henry R Watson. Son. Age 2. Born Somerset Clevedon.
Ethel J Watson. Daur. Age 1. Born Gloucestershire, Clifton.
Shropshire, England. Civil Parish of Shrewsbury St Julian. Registration District of Atcham. Source RG11/2651/118/10. Household sched 55. Address: Mynston House, Bellevue Road.
At the home of Margaret H Climo (37) and family:
Gertrude Eaden. Serv. Age 17. Governess. Born Middlesex London.

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