Watson ~ 1911 Census
Night of 2nd April 1911


of Head
Devonshire, England. Parish of Plymouth. Registration district of Plymouth. Source RG14/12956. Address: 5 Hartley Avenue, Plymouth.
Lucy Martha Lang. Head. Widow. Age 70. Born London Islington. Marr 36 yrs. Children 4 born, 4 living.
Lucy Louisa Lang. Dau. Single. Age 35. Born Old Charlton, Kent.
Beatrice Martha Lang. Dau. Single. Age 34. Born Simons Town, Cape of Good Hope.
Together with a visitor and 2 servants.
Lancashire, England. Parish of Lancaster. Registration district of Lancaster. Source RG14/25539. Address: 2 Laurel Bank Lancaster.
Douglas Watson. Head. Single. Age 35. Capt Royal Army Medical Corps. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Ethel Watson. Sister. Single. Age 31. None. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Together with 2 servants.
Durham, England. Parish of Gainford. Registration district of Teesdale. Source RG14/29777. Address: The Vicarage, Gainford, Darlington.
Henry Charles Watson. Head. Married. Age 68. Clergyman Established Ch, Vicar Gainford. Born Middlesex Islington.
Anne Augusta Watson. Wife. Married 39 years. Age 65. Born Kent Woolwich.
Charles Henry Watson. Son. Single. Age 38. Clergyman Established Ch, Curate Gainford. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Violet Mary Watson. Dau. Single. Age 29. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Together with 4 servants.

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