Watson ~ 1911 Census
Night of 2nd April 1911


of Head
London, England. Parish of Fulham. Registration district of Fulham. Source RG14/297. Address: 65 Margravine Gardens, Fulham.
Frank Reynolds Eaden. Head. Age 46. Mar. Commercial Traveller. Born St Leonards Sussex.
Minnie Collins Eaden. Wife. Age 37. Mar 18 yrs. Children 6 born 6 alive. Correspondent (corset maker). Born Newquay Cornwall.
Hilda Bennetto Eaden. Dau. Age 17. Corset Fitter. Born Berlin Germany.
Helen Blanch Eaden. Dau. Age 16. None. Born Berlin Germany.
Charles Leonard Eaden. Son. Age 15. None. Born Surbiton Surrey.
Winifred Mary Eaden. Dau. Age 12. School. Born London Fulham.
Ronald Stuart Eaden. Son. Age 5. Born London Fulham.
Muriel Joan Eaden. Dau. Age 3. Born London Fulham.
London, England. Parish of Chelsea. Registration district of Chelsea. Source RG14/395. Address: St George's (Hanover Square) Workhouse, Fulham Road, Chelsea SW.
Together with many others:
Ernest Sibley. Inmate. Age 59. Single. Cook. Born Herts, Buntingford.
London, England. Parish of Islington. Registration district of Islington. Source RG14/984. Address: 54 Calabria Rd, Highbury, London N.
At the home of Gertrude Jollie (36):
Irene Ashton. Boarder. Age 36. Mar 15 yrs. Children 3 born 2 alive 1 dead. Born London Peckham.
London, England. Parish of Lambeth. Registration district of Lambeth. Source RG14/2021. Address: 12 Jeffreys Road, Clapham SW.
Marten W Shewell. Age 27. Single. Clergyman (Established Church), Curate. Born Plymouth Devon.
London, England. Parish of Battersea. Registration district of Wandsworth. Source RG14/2147. Address: 8 Cambridge Mans, Battersea Park SW.
Henry Cooper Shewell. Head. Age 30. Mar. Late Lieut Royal Artillery. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Rubenia Alice Shewell. Wife. Age 25. Mar 5 yrs. Children 2 born 2 alive. Born St Johns Wood London.
Henry Martin Shewell. Son. Age 4. Born Bowes Park London.
Frederick Gordon Shewell. Son. Age 2. Born Ardrossan Scotland.
Together with a servant.
London, England. Parish of Battersea. Registration district of Wandsworth. Source RG14/2152. Address: St Saviours Vicarage, Battersea Park SW.
Beaudon Edward Shewell. Head. Age 34. Mar. Clergyman (Established Church). Born Norfolk Rougham.
Catherine Dorothy Shewell. Wife. Age 28. Mar 2 yrs. No children. Born U S of America (Resident).
Francis John Eden Shewell. Nephew. Age 6. Born Hants Church Crookham.
Together with a nurse and 3 servants.
London, England. Parish of Wandsworth. Registration district of Wandsworth. Source RG14/2351. Address: 145 Lessingham Avenue, Upper Tooting SW.
Emily McDonell. Head. Age 67. Widow. Children 4 born 3 alive 1 dead. Born Buntingford Herts.
Kenneth Howard Cecil Ashton. Grandson. Age 15. Junior Clerk. Born Brixton London SW.
Percy James Hitchman. Grandson. Age 4 1/2. Born Streatham London SW.
Edwin Geoffrey Hitchman. Grandson. Age 2 1/4. Born Streatham London SW.
Howard Percy Ashton. Son in Law. Age 42. Mar. Children 3 born 2 alive 1 dead. Accountant. Born Belgravia.
London, England. Parish of Deptford St Paul. Registration district of Greenwich. Source RG14/2652. Address: 20 Revelon Road, Brockley, London.
Alfred Hubert [sic] Sibley. Head. Age 32. Mar. Clerk, Ship Brokers & Freight Agents. Born Peckham London.
Ada Maud Alice Sibley. Wife. Age 29. Mar 6 yrs. Children 2 born 2 alive. Born Newington London.
Eric Sibley. Son. Age 2. Born Deptford London.
Reginald Sibley. Son. Age 1. Born Deptford London.
Surrey, England. Parish of Mortlake. Registration district of Richmond. Source RG14/3611. Address: 17 Oaklands Road, East Sheen.
Claude Alfred Cecil McDonell. Head. Age 36. Mar. Commercial Clerk. Born London Peckham.
Lucy McDonell. Wife. Age 33. Mar 6 yrs. Children 2 born 2 alive. Born Bradford Yorks.
Marjorie Joy McDonell. Dau. Age 3. Born London Balham.
Arthur Leslie McDonell. Son. Age 2. Born London Balham.
Together with a servant.
Kent, England. Parish of Swanscombe. Registration district of Dartford. Source RG14/3783. Address: 22 Cobham Terrace, Greenhithe.
Kate Frances Shewell. Head. Age 52. Wid. Children 10 born 9 alive 1 dead. Private means. Born Canterbury Kent.
Together with a housekeeper.
Kent, England. Parish of St Margaret Chatham and Rochester. Registration district of Medway. Source RG14/3897. Address: 17 Star Hill, Rochester, Kent.
George De Coeurdoux Shewell. Head. Age 32. Mar. Haulage & General Contractor by steam & petrol lorries. Born Rougham Norfolk.
Mabel Blanche Shewell. Wife. Age 31. Mar 8 yrs. Children 3 born 3 alive. Born Rochester Kent.
Dorrily Beryl Shewell. Dau. Age 5. Born Gravesend Kent.
George De Coeurdoux Shewell. Son. Age 1. Born Rochester Kent.
Daphne Mabel Kate Shewell. Dau. Age 8 mths. Born Rochester Kent.
Together with 2 servants.
Kent, England. Parish of Whitstable Urban. Registration district of Blean. Source RG14/4375. Address: 2 Henley Villas, Gann Road, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent.
Blanche Eaden. Head. Age 73. Widow. Mar 53 yrs. Children 6 born 6 alive. No occupation, private means. Born London.
Ellen Blanche Eaden. Dau. Age 49. Single. No occupation. Born Friern Barnet, Middlesex.
Sussex, England. Parish of Hastings. Registration district of Hastings. Source RG14/4759. Address: Huntley Lodge, 2 Brittany Road St Leonards on Sea.
Ellen Orton. Head. Age 62. Single. Private Means. Born London St Marylebone.
Gertrude Mary Eaden. Adopted Daughter. Age 47. Single. Private Means. Born Middlesex Colney Hatch.
Together with 2 servants.
Sussex, England. Parish of Hove. Registration district of Steyning. Source RG14/5219. Address: Railway Hotel Lancing Sussex.
Rose Hilda Pillans. Visitor. Age 24. Mar 7 yrs. Born Lodiswell Devon.
Sussex, England. Parish of Horsham. Registration district of Horsham. Source RG14/5251. Address:Gartref Hurst Rd Horsham Sussex.
Frederick William Butler. Head. Age 52. Mar. Solicity, County Coroner. Born Greatham Hants.
Hilda Lucy Butler. Wife. Age 45. mar 24 yrs. Children 6 born 4 alive 2 dead. Born Southgate Middlesex.
Valerie Butler. Dau. Age 23. Single. Teacher and Student (both part time). Born Horsham Sussex.
Dorothy Butler. Dau. Age 19. Born Horsham Sussex.
Constance Hilda Margaret Butler. Age 13. Born Horsham Sussex.
Together with a servant.
Middlesex, England. Parish of Brentford. Registration district of Brentford. Source RG14/6924. Address: 8 Windmill Road, Brentford.
Alfred Joseph Brian. Head. Age 39. Mar. Petroleum Company Superintendant. Born Poplar London.
Blanche Reynolds Brian. Wife. Age 28. Mar 7 yrs. Children 2 born 2 alive. Born Brighton Sussex.
Joseph Edward Shewell Brian. Son. Age 5. Born Chiswick Middlesex.
Nancy Edith Shewell Brian. Dau. Age 3. born Chiswick Middlesex.
Together with a servant.
Essex, England. Parish of Walthamstow. Registration district of West Ham. Source RG14/9715. Address: 33 Winns Avenue, Walthamstow.
Alfred Samuel Meehan. Head. Age 34. Mar 8 yrs. Children 4 born 4 alive. Born Dulwich.
Mabel Kate Meehan. Wife. Age 28. Mar. Born Dulwich.
Alfred Edwin Meehan. Son. Age 7. Born Clapham.
Doris Mabel Meehan. Dau. Age 5. Born Romford.
Florence Gladys Meehan. Dau. Age 3. Born Romford.
Olive Maude Meehan. Dau. Age 1 1/4. Born Romford.
Essex, England. Parish of Woodford. Registration district of West Ham. Source RG14/9753. Address: The Convent, Mornington Rd, Woodford Green.
Together with many others:
Sybil Ashton. Boarder. Age 13. School. Born London.
Devon, England. Parish of Heavitree. Registration district of St Thomas. Source RG14/12616. Address: Hillcot House, Heavitree.
Lucy E Veitch. Head. Age 40 [sic]. Widow. Private means. Born Middlesex Stoke Newington.
Emily J Wood. Sister. Age 38 [sic]. Single. Private means. Born Middlesex Hanwell.
Together with 2 servants.
Devon, England. Parish of Tormoham. Registration district of Newton Abbot. Source RG14/12766. Address: Groveleigh, Cleveland Rd, Torquay.
Ada Caroline Hole. Age 58. Single. Private Means. Born Chilton Somerset.
Devon, England. Parish of Plymouth. Registration district of Plymouth. Source RG14/12956. Address: 5 Hartley Avenue, Plymouth.
Lucy Martha Lang. Head. Widow. Age 70. Born London Islington. Marr 36 yrs. Children 4 born, 4 living.
Lucy Louisa Lang. Dau. Single. Age 35. Born Old Charlton, Kent.
Beatrice Martha Lang. Dau. Single. Age 34. Born Simons Town, Cape of Good Hope.
Together with a visitor and 2 servants.
Devon, England. Parish of East Stonehouse. Registration district of East Stonehouse. Source RG14/13013. Address: Royal Naval Hospital, East Stonehouse.
Together with many others:
Dora C Shewell. Nursing Sister. Age 31. Hospital Nurse. Born Norfolk Rougham.
Lancashire, England. Parish of Lancaster. Registration district of Lancaster. Source RG14/25539. Address: 2 Laurel Bank Lancaster.
Douglas Watson. Head. Single. Age 35. Capt Royal Army Medical Corps. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Ethel Watson. Sister. Single. Age 31. None. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Together with 2 servants.
Durham, England. Parish of Gainford. Registration district of Teesdale. Source RG14/29777. Address: The Vicarage, Gainford, Darlington.
Henry Charles Watson. Head. Married. Age 68. Clergyman Established Ch, Vicar Gainford. Born Middlesex Islington.
Anne Augusta Watson. Wife. Married 39 years. Age 65. Born Kent Woolwich.
Charles Henry Watson. Son. Single. Age 38. Clergyman Established Ch, Curate Gainford. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Violet Mary Watson. Dau. Single. Age 29. Born Gloucestershire Clifton.
Together with 4 servants.
India. Source RG14/34991. Address: India.
Together with many others:
Eden Francis Shewell. Captain (British Army). Age 33. Single. Royal Field Arty. Born Rougham Swaffham, Norfolk.

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