Southon Family Tree
James Southon & Hannah Summersett of London, England
(alive 1800)

The direct line to Libby is
(1) James Southon & Hannah Summersett
(2) Mary Southon & James Serle (goes to SERLE tree)
(3) Walter Henry Serle & Kate Grocock
(4) Percival Serle & Dora Beatrice Hake
(5) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson (goes to GRIERSON tree).

Photo of Ellen Hester Hall (gen 5) added on photo page 14 Sep 2012

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More information about James Southon (page 1) and Charles Southon (page 2) added 12 Jul 2012

Alfred Charles Shiers on page 5 served on the Titanic and survived - information added 17 Apr 2012

Further information about Michael Patrick Shiers on page 5 added from his birth certificated 9 Mar 2012

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