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Wardle ~ First Generation

  In the following family tree, I have followed the convention of spelling the surname as Wardle where there are many variations, including Wardel, Wardell, Wardail, Wardale and Weredale among others. I have indicated a variation if it is used in original sources.


Born c1658 (ref APT, baptism not found at Brancepeth, Durham).

Marriage 1683 at Brancepeth, Durham of Thos WARDAIL to Jane BELL (ref Boyd's Marriage Index in fmp).

Jane was born 8 Dec 1656; bap 14 Dec 1656 at Brancepeth, Durham, Jane, dau of John Bell (ref FamilySearch P00008-1).

Their abode was Stockley, Brancepeth in 1694 at the death of Jane.

Burial of Thomas Wardale 18 Jun 1727 at Brancepeth St Brandon, Durham (ref fmp, Northumberland and Durham Burials & National Burial Index).
Burial of Jane Weredale 20 Sep 1729 at Brancepeth St Brandon, Durham, abode Boggle Hole (ref fmp,
Northumberland and Durham Burials & National Burial Index).


1. Catherine WARDLE bap 1684(/85) at Brancepeth, Durham  
2. William WARDLE bap 1686 at Brancepeth, Durham  
3. John WARDLE born c1688 at Brancepeth, Durham  
4. Mary WARDLE born c1690 at Brancepeth, Durham  
5. Thomas WARDLE bap 1692 at Brancepeth, Durham  
6. Jane WARDLE bap 1694 at Brancepeth, Durham  
7. Robert WARDLE born c1700 at Brancepeth, Durham  

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