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A photograph album came into my hands in 1988 through the thoughtful work of a person who discovered and identified it. The album, which is a handsome leather volume, contains 89 studio photos of the approximate period 1850 to 1890. These are in the form of cartes-de-visite which are similar to small postcards and which could be sent to distant family branches.

The names on several photos indicate that the album contains pictures of members of the Hake, Hemsley and Edwards families from England and Australia, who all form part of my family's ancestors. In fact, through a study of the names present, it has been possible to find several extra branches and go back another generation in the elusive Edwards family of London.

These family trees are located under
HAKE, HEMSLEY and EDWARDS and relevant photos have been copied there are well.

The publication 'The Mechanical Eye in Australia' by Alan Davies & Peter Stanbury gives a great deal of information about photographic processes and the names and dates of Australian photographers.

If anyone is able to match any of these photos other photos in their own collection, I would be glad to receive information. These photos may be downloaded for use in other collections if desired.

Attached is a
document listing the photo descriptions sorted in order of location of the photographer.
The photos taken in Adelaide in the period 1855-75 may be of the families of Fanny Hemsley, married John Holman in 1863, with children Herbert (1864), Emily (1865), Bertha (1866), and Charlotte Hemsley, married Sidney Hake in 1863, with children Helen (1864), Gertrude (1865), Mabel (1866) and Robert Sidney (1868).

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Last modified 28 Dec 2011