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Photo 73: Photographic Artist, F.C.Burman, 145 Smith Street, Fitzroy, MELBOURNE
Possibly 1871-76
Photo 74: Photo by H.J.Thwaites
Photo 75: Hartitzsh & Co, 113 Rundle Str, ADELAIDE
Possibly 1869-75
Photo 76: No details Photo 77: Mr Edwin Cocking, Portrait Artist and Photographer, Queen's Road, PECKHAM, S.E. Photo 78: Mr & Mrs A Carlisle, Photographers, 324 George Street SYDNEY from Oswald Allen's
Photo 79: Photo by H.J.Thwaites
Photo 80: Photographed by H. Anson, Adelaide Photographic Institution, 97 Rundle Street, ADELAIDE, No. 15963
Possibly 1863-68
Photo 81: No details
Photo 82: Angel Photographist, EXETER.
Robert Hake
Photo 83: The London School of Photography, 103 Newgate Street and other addresses, No 20996 Photo 84: Photographed by C.M.Drayson, 13 St Georges St, CANTERBURY

Possible dates from 'The Mechanical Eye in Australia'.

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