Anson ~ First Generation

    Family 1 - Thomas Hanson and Frances Farnham of Wetheral (generation 1)  
    Thomas HANSON
By normal estimation, Thomas would have been born about 1694. There is a possible baptism of Tho. Hanson on 3 Nov 1695 at Carlisle St Mary, Cumberland, son of Tho. Hanson (ref Ancestry Select Births & Baptisms). There is no definite confirmation.

"Thomas HANSOM (sic) married Frances FARNHAM on 19 Jul 1719." (ref Wetheral parish records)
The Wetheral transcription of marriages by AIGS has the spelling Handsom, and refers to Frances Farnham of Corby.

Notes about children:
"Benjamine, son of Tho. Hansom (sic) of Corby bap 28 Feb 1720, buried 4 Apr 1720." (ref Wetheral parish records)
"Thomas, son of Tho. Handson of Corby, bap 24 Apr 1721." (ref Wetheral parish records)
"Robert, son of Thomas Hanson, bap 6 Nov 1723." (ref Wetheral parish records)
"John son of Thomas Handsome, abode Gt Corby, bap 16 Dec 1728." (ref Wetheral parish records)
Bap 28 Dec 1732 at Cumwhitton, Cumberland, William Hanson, son of Thos. Hanson & Francess (ref IGI & Ancestry Select Births).
Bap 7 Jun 1735 at Cumwhitton, Cumberland, Joseph Hanson, son of Thomas Hanson & Francess (ref IGI & Ancestry Select Births).

The probable burial of Thomas is in 1758 as follows.
"Thos HYNDSON, buried 2 Jun 1758, householder of Syke Foot" (ref Wetheral parish records).

The probable burial of Frances is in 1777 as follows.
"Frances Hanson of Beck-Grange, widdow, buried 14 Feb 1777." (ref Wetheral parish records)

Geographical notes:
Thomas and Frances lived at Great Corby at least until 1728. Great Corby is a township in Wetheral parish, Cumberland, on the river Eden and the Newcastle and Carlisle railway, 4 miles east south east of Carlisle. The most significant property is Corby Castle on the brink of a cliff overlooking the river Eden.
The last two children listed were baptised at Cumwhitton or Cumwhinton which is a small village about 1 mile away from Wetheral and 4 miles from Carlisle. The village lies in Wetheral civil parish.
Syke Foot is a mile or two due east from Cotehill, on the west bank of the Eden near the Cotehill viaduct, being a farmhouse which is now a ruin (ref Cumbria FHS note). Son #5, William, lived at Syke Foot.
Beck Grange is a place in the parish of Caldbeck in Cumberland, according to the Old Cumbria Gazetteer.

  1. Benjamine HANSOM bap 1720 at Wetheral, Cumberland  
  2. Thomas HANDSON bap 1721 at Wetheral, Cumberland  
  3. Robert HANSON bap 1723 at Wetheral, Cumberland  
  4. John HANDSOME bap 1728 at Wetheral, Cumberland  
  5. William HANSON bap 1732 at Cumwhitton, Cumberland  
  6. Joseph HANSON bap 1735 at Cumwhitton, Cumberland  
    Family 2 - Jonathan Hindson and Hannah Thompson of Lazonby (generation 4)  
    Family 3 - John Anson and Mary Nicholson of Penrith (generation 4)  
    Family 4 - Joseph Hindson and Ann of Culgaith (generation 3)  

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