Bray Family

originating from the Buntingford area of Hertfordshire

The direct line to Libby is
(1) William Bray & Elizabeth Piggott
(2) Henry Bray & Ann Mole
(3) Henry Bray & Elizabeth Smith
(4) William Bray & Ann Mole
(5) Ann Bray & John Watson (goes to WATSON tree)
(6) Emily Watson & William Henry Grocock (goes to GROCOCK tree)
(7) Kate Grocock & Walter Henry Serle (goes to SERLE tree)
(8) Percival Serle & Dora Beatrice Hake
(9) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson (goes to GRIERSON tree)


Buntingford is on the river Rib, and has developed astride the busy trunk road A. 10 (Ermine Street) and retains a number of picturesque old houses and inns. Edward III granted a market and fair here against a yearly rent of 6d. St. Peter's Church was built early in the 17th century as a chapel-of- ease to Layston. The almshouses on Market Hill, founded in 1684, by Seth Ward of Aspenden who became successively Bishop of Exeter and Salisbury, form an interesting group of mellowed buildings.

In the High Street is the ancient Town Clock over the premises owned by the Buntingford Charity Trust. This well-known clock is over 500 years old and has an interesting history.

Between Buntingford and Hare Street, Hormead, is the 17th century residence of Alswick Hall. A mile to the north-east, in Saxon times, was the village of Laystone, but nothing now remains here except the original parish church, now disused. The church was of flint construction with Roman bricks incorporated and dates from 13th century.

Adjacent parishes are: Anstey, Aspeden, Braughing, Buckland, Great Hormead, Little Hormead, Sandon, Throcking, Wakeley, Westmill and Wyddial. Many of these are represented in this family tree.

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