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Chapple ~ First Generation
(from generations 1-6 the tree is speculative)

  In the following family trees, I have followed the convention of spelling the surname as CHAPPLE where there are many variations, including most commonly in the early times, CHAPPELL. This convention has also been followed by many other users of Ancestry Public Trees. I have indicated a variation if it is used in original sources.


The following information is based on a number of Ancestry Public Trees.
The source documentation is yet to be found by me.

Born 1450 at Chittlehampton, Devon, England (ref APT).

Married Edith LE LATIMER. She was born 1450 (ref APT).

John died 11 Sep 1504 in Bedfordshire, England (ref APT).
Edith died 1504 (ref APT).

Note by Barry Chapple 2012: The correct spelling of Edith's maiden surname is Le Latimer. She is descended from William Le Latimer ("The Translator") and is not "De .." which is "Of ..". It has been corrupted occasionally over time to "De Latimer" but incorrectly, and later historical users eventually dropped the "Le" altogether for the surname Latimer which crops up in history now and again (eg the second husband and the chaplain to Henry VIII's 6th wife both carried the surname Latimer.
Barry suggests treating this with caution, as there are other secondary records of who appears to be the same Edith Le Latimer (born 1450; died 1504) married to (a) GREENE and (b) MORDAUNT.

1. John CHAPPLE born 1475 at Chittlehampton, Devon  

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