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Chapple ~ Second Generation
(from generations 1-6 the tree is speculative)

    Issue of John Chapple and Edith De Latimer  
1.   John CHAPPLE

It is not yet confirmed whether there is a Will for this John. Further information is being sought from other sources. See the Wills page and also the supplementary records page.

Born 1475 at Chittlehampton, Devon, England (ref APT).

Married Joan, surname unknown. See notes above; it might be that people have made the assumption that this is the one discussed above who it appears had a second wife named Joan.

Note by Barry Chapple 2012: Several family trees (mostly from the USA) give John a middle name "Mordaunt" There must be a reason as this is a surname of another alleged husband of Edith. John's residence in 1524 was still Chittlehampton, Devon.

The information about John's children is based on a number of Ancestry Public Trees.

Assuming the connection is correct, John was mentioned in Humphrey's Will in 1558 as follows:
"Item to every manchild of my uncle John Chappells house X shillings and X pence." [X not able to be read.]

Wills page

  1. Thomas CHAPPLE born c1510 at Chittlehampton, Devon  
  2. Anthony CHAPPLE born c1513 at Chittlehampton, Devon  
  3. William CHAPPLE born c1516 at Chittlehampton, Devon  
  4. John CHAPPLE born c1520 at Chittlehampton, Devon  
  5. unknown CHAPPLE, possibly Thomas, Anthony or William
2.   Unknown CHAPPLE

This family has been placed here because of the common reference to Uncle William the Clerk by both John and Humphrey on the next generation, but with no definite overlap between the groups of children in those Wills. Each one mentions a brother William but it is more likely that these are two different Williams. There is no information given about the sequence of children.
  1. George CHAPPLE  
  2. William CHAPPLE of Exeter, Devon  
  3. Humphrey CHAPPLE of Chittlehampton, Devon  
  4. Jakeyt CHAPPLE
3.   William CHAPPLE

Identified as "Uncle William Chappell the Clerk" in the Wills of both John (1561) and Humphrey (1558/1561).

William was mentioned in John's Will in 1561:
Item I give unto my uncle (?) William Chappell the Clerk X."

William was mentioned in Humphrey's Will in 1558:
"Item to my uncle William the Clerk 6 shillings and 8 pence."

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