Dunsford ~ Generation 0 (hypothetical)

    John DUNSFORD of Broad Clyst, Devon
John would probably have been born about 1620. There are no Broad Clyst baptisms available as early as this.
He might have been born at Broad Clyst or have been an incomer.
All baptisms for Dunsford/Dunsforde at Broad Clyst for the 17th century have been reviewed.
Although the baptisms of John, Edward and Thomas have not been found, they were all having children from 1686 onwards at Broad Clyst, and it is likely that they were all part of the same family group. This is a reasonable hypothesis.

There are many other records of the Dunsford/Dunford/Dunsforde family in Broad Clyst which have not been reconciled with this hypothetical tree so clearly there were other relatives living there as well. Particularly with burials it is very hard to be sure which family member is referred to. Some assumptions have been made and I am not claiming that this tree is perfect; therefore I am not putting the early part into FamilySearch.
    Issue of John Dunsford (supposition):  
  1. John DUNSFORD  
  2. Edward DUNSFORD  
  3. Thomas DUNSFORD  
  4. Richard DUNSFORD born 1655, bap 1655 at Broad Clyst, Devon  
  5. Willyam DUNSFORD bap 1657 at Broad Clyst, Devon  
  6. Susane DUNSFORD bap 1658 at Broad Clyst, Devon  

Modified 29 Jun 2020