Grave(s) ~ First Generation
The 's' was added between 1851 and 1861


William GRAVE
Possibly born c1756 (see below). No suitable baptism has been found in Torpenhow or Allhallows parish records or in FamilySearch. There are other possibilities in Cumberland which have not yet been proved.

William Grave and his future father-in-law Robert Head signed a marriage application on 6 Dec 1777 which is attached. It states that William was of Torpenhow in the County of Cumberland, and that Robert Head was of Branthwaite in the parish of Dean in the same county, Yeoman; it gives William's age as 21 years and upwards, and Sarah's as 27 years. This is slightly older than expected by her baptism below but matches sufficiently. Calculating by William's death, he would have been only about 21.

Marr 7 Dec 1777 at Dean, Cumberland, England of William Grave to Sarah HEAD (ref IGI). Sarah was baptised 24 Feb 1753, dau of Robert Head & Sarah Wood, at Dean, Cumberland. Calculating by Sarah's death, she would have been born about 1753.

It may have been that William owned the quarry at Baggrow referred to in a later generation.

In 1790/91 and 1794/95, William Grave is listed in the Allhallows Parish records as a Churchwarden.

In 1787, 1789, 1791 and 1793, William is described as a mason of Bagraw (from baptisms in fmp). In 1795 he is a farmer of Bagraw.

In 1798 William Graves is listed as the occupier of a property in the parish of Allhallows owned by Sir Wilfred Lawson, Bart. for Land Tax of 10s. 5d. (ref Ancestry, UK Land Tax Redemption).

On 13 Jan 1815 there is a burial registered of William Grave of Bagraw aged 59 years in the Allhallows Bishops' Transcript. This would make his birth c1756. There are several possible baptisms for a William Grave in Cumberland at this time.
William Grave is listed in the Index to Death Duty Registers in fmp, naming his son Samuel of Bagrow as administrator.

On 31 Jan 1828 There is a burial registered of Sarah Grave of Blenerhasset aged 75 years in the Allhallows Bishops' Transcript. This would make her birth c1753.

See Slater's Directory of 1855 for the geography of Aspatria and Allhallows.
Excerpts from an undated booklet obtained in 2009 from All Saints Church, the Parish of Allhallows, Mealsgate (the new church).
Links with Aspatria
The Parish of Allhallows was originally no more than a chapelry within the Parish of Aspatria, and known as the Chapelry of All Saints of Ukmanby. The old church, as it is now called, was then the only church and was served by the vicar of Aspatria or by a chaplain, and the parishioners of All Saints were expected to attend church at Aspatria one day in the year, namely the day of the dedication of the parish church of Aspatria. This was in the days of Henry VI in the 15th century.
The Parish Boundary
"The Parish or chapelry is bounded by Dowbeck from Mealsgate to the park wall at Whitehall below the church of Allhallows, so along that wall Southward to the highway leading to Cockermouth, then along that road to Cockbridge, then down Elne to Aspatria Mill, then by the North side of Elnebridge close to the foot of Brayton Demense from Baggray to the common, and along the skirts of the common by King Yeat, Ucmanby, and Leesrigg to Priest Croft, and from thence to Meal's Gate where the boundary began." Nicholson and Burn 1777.
The Old Church
All that is left of the old church after the demolition in 1935 of the nave, south aisle and porch, is the chancel and its attached mortuary chapel. There is a public footpath to the remains of the old church, opposite the present church, which comes out into a layby on the A595.
The old church was built in the 12th century, between 1154-1189 and only in the 19th century did it become a fully independent parish church.



Marriage application

IGI records

1855 Slater's Directory (pdf)

  1. Mary GRAVE bap 1778 at Dean, Cumberland  
  2. Catherine GRAVE born c1781 at Allhallows, Cumberland  
  3. Samuel GRAVE bap 1782 at Torpenhow, Cumberland  
  4. William GRAVE bap 1784 at Blennerhasset, Cumberland  
  5. Sarah GRAVE bap 1787 at Allhallows, Cumberland  
  6. Thomas GRAVE bap 1789 at Allhallows, Cumberland  
  7. John GRAVE bap 1791 at Allhallows, Cumberland  
  8. Henry GRAVE bap 1793 at Allhallows, Cumberland  
  9. Robert GRAVE bap 1795 at Allhallows, Cumberland  

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