The Greenway Family of Wiltshire
8 generations


The name GREENWAY is fairly unusual and the purpose of this tree is to flesh out some possible relatives of Maria Greenway who married William Edwards and was the furthest known maternal ancestor of Libby Shade.

"This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is either topographical for one in residence by a grassy path, or locational from three places called Greenway in Gloucestershire, Glamorgan and Somerset. The derivation in both these instances is from the Old English pre 7th Century "grene", meaning green and "weg", a path. The intrusive "a" in Greenaway is a dialectal addition introduced for euphonic purposes or to make for easier pronunciation." 

The layout of this website is in the form of the 8 generations, with supporting data on census transcription pages, a complete index of names of everyone mentioned (the "Names" button above), and a page index that leads directly to each individual page in the website (the "Page Index" button above). To start reading from oldest downwards, press the button above ("Family History Next Gen"). The Home Page button takes you to my other family trees.

It is possible that there might be many mistaken assumptions due to identical names, ages and places. I would be delighted to have any of these pointed out to me, or if anyone can provide further information.

The direct line to Libby Shade is not represented here but it is hoped that further investigation of the parish records from Box, Wiltshire will lead to clarification of exactly how Maria Greenway (who became Edwards) fits in here.



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