Grigg ~ Second Generation

    Issue of William Grigg and Joan Trick  
1.   Ann GRIGG (aka Grig)
Bap 25 Feb 1686 (1686/87) at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Anne Grigg, dau of William Grigg (ref Cornwall OPC, Bishop's Transcript, bracketed with William Greenaway).
Also indexed as Ann Grigg dau of Will and Joane Grigg in an other version in C OPC.

Probable marriage of Ann Grigg to William POLLARD (aka Polard).
Marriage 20 Jul 1723 at Kilkhampton, Wm. Polard to Ann Grig, by Licence, source Phillimore (ref C OPC).

Burial of Ann Pollard 24 Aug 1769 at Kilkhampton, 'the wife of William' (ref C OPC). Her death not found in findagrave.
Probable burial of William Pollard 12 Nov 1771 at Kilkhampton, widower (ref C OPC). His death not found in findagrave.
  1. William POLLARD bap 1724 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  2. Joan POLLARD bap 1725 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  3. John POLLARD bap 1726 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall
2.   John GRIGG
Bap 16 Mar 1688 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Mary Grigg, son of William Grigg (ref IGI, not found in Cornwall OPC).
No further information found.
3.   Mary GRIGG
Bap 19 Sep 1691 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Mary Grigg, dau of Will. & Joane Grigg (ref Cornwall OPC).
No further information found.
4.   William GRIGG
Bap 19 Jul 1692 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Will. Grigg, son of William & Joane Grigg (ref Cornwall OPC).

Many Ancestry Public Trees marry William off to Grace Cooke, Joyce Phillips or an unnamed wife, in order to have a child William c1720, to then marry Ann and have the following five children. However, Grace Cooke and her husband William Grigg married at Hartland, Devon and had many children in Hartland including a William in 1726, too young to marry in 1741; it was not William but Abraham Grigg whom Joyce Phillips married; and there is no evidence yet of a William born to William c1720 in Kilkhampton or nearby place. So I have concluded that there is no evidence yet for such a person.

Probable marriage 27 Sep 1741 at Launcells, Cornwall of William Grigg to Ann BARNARD; her residence Kilkhampton (ref C OPC from Phillimores).
In the children's baptisms, William was a Cordwainer, and sometimes a Sojourner. The most likely baptism is for Ann BURNARD, dau of Charles & Honor, bap 1 Apr 1720 at Kilkhampton (ref C OPC).

Burials of William and Ann not found. Not in findagrave.
  1. Mary GRIGG bap 1742 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  2. Charles GRIGG (1) bap 1744 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  3. Charles GRIGG (2) bap 1745 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  4. John GRIGG bap 1749 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  
  5. Honour GRIGG bap 1754 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall
5.   Richard GRIGG
Bap 12 Mar 1696 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Richard Grigg, son of Will. & Joane Grigg (ref Cornwall OPC). Findmypast has 12 Mar 1697 from the same record so I assume the date was 12 Mar 1696/97.

Curiously, there is a record of a burial on 9 Apr 1697 at Kilkhampton of Richard Grigg; in one record he is son of William, and in another, son of Richard and Joan. I have disregarded this record until further information found.

Marr 2 Jan 1717 (perhaps 1717/18) at Kilkhampton of Richard Grigge to Ann SARGENT (in other marriage records Surgant and Sargant (Phillimore) (ref C OPC).
There is a possible baptism being 18 Sep 1690 at Kilkhampton of Ann SARGEANT, dau of Charles and Margaret (ref C OPC).
No burials found. Neither found in findagrave.
  1. Grace GRIGG bap 1718 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall  

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