Mobley ~ First Generation

  The first known generation of the Mobley family commences in Oxfordshire. Data has been extracted from information supplied by the Oxfordshire Family History Society.

The first named couple are Samuel MOBERLY and Ann, surname unknown. Samuel was born approx 1680, based on the birth of his first child in 1706. There are several possible sets of parents, being Samuel and Elizabeth (who had a Samuel in 1677 at Deddington), and William and Jane (who had a Samuel in 1682 at Deddington). The second is more likely.

Their son Samuel at his two marriages is said to be of Hempton (a village near Deddington) and had children up to at least 1761, so it is likely that it is the Samuel of this generation whose burial was that of Samuel Moberly of Hempton, buried at Deddington 1752. The burial of a Samuel Moberly at Deddington in 1723 probably refers to the Samuel of a previous generation mentioned above.

There are possible burials for Ann Mobile in 1729 in Deddington, Ann Moberly in 1738 in Deddington, and Anne Moberly in 1765 in Deddington.

Trees going this far back are by their nature subject to possible error and may be revised later with more up to date information.


1. Thomas MOBERLY bap 1706/07 at Deddington, Oxfordshire  
2. William MOBERLY bap 1708 at Deddington, Oxfordshire  
3. Mary MOBERLY bap 1710 at Deddington, Oxfordshire  
4. Ann MOBERLY bap 1712 at Deddington, Oxfordshire  
5. Samuel MOBERLY bap 1715/16 at Deddington, Oxfordshire  

Last modified 4 Apr 2018