Robison Family

originating from Northumberland and County Durham


"This is an English surname much associated with the north of the country, and sometimes Scotland. Recorded in the spellings of Robson, Robeson and Robison, they were, according to Black's "Surnames of Scotland", one of the famous four English clans of North Tyneside (Northumberland) in the 16th century. In origin the name is a short derivative of the pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon personal name "Hrodbert" the modern Robert, composed of three elements; hrod meaning renown, berht bright or famous, and the patronymic son. In an early register of the late medieval period known as the "Dialogue" they were (quote) "good honest men and true, saving a little shifting for their living." The surname first appears in the Poll Tax rolls of the county of Yorkshire in the year 1379, when Richard Robson and Thomas Robyson are so recorded."

Recent Changes

Death of Thomas Harris on generation 3, added 13 Aug 2012

Some marriage and death dates added to generations 3 and 4 on 26 Jul 2012

Information about possible forebears of William Robison on generation 1, and information about the different church denominations, added 13 Apr 2012

Information about William Robison on generation 2 and Harris family on generation 4 added 9 Apr 2012

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