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Burman ~ First Generation

1.   Rychard BOREMAN / Richard BURMAN

Evidence of early presence of the Burman family at Stratford Upon Avon (1428/29)

Refer the National Archives, ER1/1/9:
"Language: Latin
Contents: Citation by Henry [Chicheley] archbishop of Canterbury to John Harryes, John Palmer, John Bower, Nicholas Leke and Peter the chaplain professing themselves chaplains and Hugh Halle, John Burman and Richard Foxe, to appear to answer complaints of Master Richard Pratz, Master or Warden of the Collegiate Church of Stretford upon Avene.
Dated: Lamhith [Lambeth], 28 January 1428[9]. Latin, vellum, f.9."

Burman family at Shottery, near Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire

"Shottery, formerly a small village a mile west of Stratford-Upon-Avon, is considered part of the town though retaining the feeling of a distinct village. Shottery was the childhood home of Anne Hathaway, William Shakespeare's wife, and is the location of the building known as Anne Hathaway's Cottage which is a very popular tourist destination. The authenticity of the building as the home of Anne Hathaway is, however, not credited by Shakespeare scholars." (ref Wikipedia, Shottery)

"There was a John Burman (Boreman) living at Shottery in 1467. ... During the interval between that date and the present [1930], Burmans were Mayors of Stratford on five occasions, the first being in 1699, when John Burman held the position. The office of churchwarden of Stratford Church was for generations almost a hereditary honour of the family. The Burmans of Shottery were overseers of the wills of Shakespeare's father-in-law and brother-in-law, Richard and Bartholomew Hathaway, their principal home adjoining Hewlands, the home of the Hathaways, now known as "Anne Hathaway's Cottage." Their estate in Queen Elizabeth's reign was known as Burmans, and up to two years age [i.e. 1928] was called Burmans Farm when it was converted into a Guest House, and the name altered to Hathaway Farm." (The above information was taken from "The Story of Tanworth in Arden" by John Burman, published in 1930.)

"The Harewells of Wootten Wawen had held the manor of Shottery under the Bishops of Worcester since 1402, and when they died out in 1534 the manor continued with their descendants, the Smiths. ...[In 1590] A survey of the manor was then taken, from which we read that Francis Smyth, armiger, held the tenement called Burmans ..." (ref "The Burman Chronicle", John Burman, 1940)

"It may be of value to attempt to settle the main line of descent in the tenants of the house and land in Shottery known as 'Burmans', who rented them from Francis Smyth and his ancestors the Harewells, and who by virtue of this tenancy were members of the Jury of the Manor of Old Stratford. It is difficult even to fix the beginning of that tenancy in what came to be the settle abode of the head of the family in Shottery. The Court Roll of 1463 makes no mention of a Burman. Dugdale [Antiquities of Warwickshire,1730 ed.), however, cites evidence of the tenancy of 'John Boreman', ending in 1467, of a house and land, formerly occupied by William Saunders, and now conveyed in chief by the Bishop of Worcester to William Harewell. In 1481 Richard Burman appears and is fined for bad husbandry of his land. In 1482 the fine is increased from 2d. to 3s. 4d for non-payment. It may seem reasonable to consider John Burman as coming into the tenancy of 'Burmans' in 1445, succeeded by his son Richard Burman in 1467. ...It seems probable that the line of succession at 'Burmans' moved from John Boreman (d. 1467) to Richard Burman I (d. 1539), to Richard Burman II (d. 1558), and to Richard Burman III (b. 1524)." (ref C.J.Sisson, Shakespeare Survey 12)

The full list of Burman Mayors of Stratford Upon Avon is as follows (from the official civic web site):
1699-1700 - John Burman
1723-24 - Richard Burman
1744-45 - Hugh Burman
1819-20 - William Burman
1833-34 - William Burman


It is very possible that Richard was a son of JOHN BOREMAN described above.

Married Agnes, surname unknown.

Richard BOREMAN died 1538. His will is dated 20 Feb 1538 at Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It was proved in September 1538 at Stratford. He was living in the town of Shotrey in the parish of Stratford-upon-Avon. He left goods to Roger his son, Agnes his daughter, Margett his daughter, and his wife Agnes. The Will was witnessed by Richard Burman who may have been the son listed below, or else another relative.

"In the name of God amen the xx day of february in the yere of oure lorde god a thousand fyve hondreth and xxxviij I rychard boreman of the towne of shotrey within the parysh of Stratford apon haven in the dyoses of vussetter beyng hoole and perfyte of memorye make and orden thys my last testament in manner and fourme foloying fyrst and princypally consyderying my dutye I bequeth my sowle unto almighty god who shedde hys precyous blode for me and all mankynd and my body also to be buryed within the church yorde of Stratford aforesaid also I bequethe to Roger my sonne one blacke horse one cart with all such gayre as longyth yerto also one plowe with all yerto also I bequeth to agnes my doughzter halfe one akar of berly also I bequeth to Margett my doughzter halfe on akar of whete and halfe one akar of berly the rest of my godes my dettes payd I gyffe to my wyfe agnes boreman who I my full executrix to do with ytt accordying to hyr dyscretyon this beyng wytnes John Payne Curate Rye boreman John Shereffe with others.

Proved xij September at Stratford.
Thys ys the inventore of Rycharde boreman.
In primis a pott x d
It. ij platters ij dyschys x d
It. a matras and a coverlett xvj d
Itl iij pyre of shetes ij d
It. a pan vj d
It. ij quarters berly viij s
It. a quarter of whete vj s viij d
It. iiij hennys and a cocke x d
Summa xxj s" (ref The Burman Chronicle, John Burman 1940)

The probable burial of his wife Agnes Burman is 15 Nov 1561 at Stratford On Avon, listed as "vidua" or widow (ref Ancestry, Warwickshire, Extracted Parish Records).

  1. Richard BURMAN  
  2. John BURMAN  
  3. Roger BURMAN born c1502  
  4. Agnes BURMAN  
  5. Margett BURMAN  

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