The Burman Family of Warwickshire
15 generations


The name BURMAN in Warwickshire appears to be relatively unusual and therefore it has been possible to piece together a large part of this tree (particularly the 19th century) through the use of census records, baptism records, and UK birth/marriage/death records. Some migration occurred to Australia at different times.

"This unusual surname is a variant of Burkman, which is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is derived from the Middle English (1200-1500) "burghman, borughman", from the Olde English pre 7th Century "burhmann", meaning "inhabitant of a (fortified) town"; the first element "burh" is itself derived from the Old High German "burg", which was the usual Germanic word for a fortification. In the Middle Ages any sizeable habitation had to be fortified, but in England the Middle English term "burc" came to be specialized to denote the site of a prehistoric hill fort. However, Burkman was usually used to identify one holding land or buildings by "burgage" (from the Latin "burgagium"; this involved the payment of a fixed money rent (as opposed to money in kind); in Scotland it involved payment in service, guarding the town. The modern surname can be found as Burkman, Burman, Borro(w)man, Barrowman and Barryman." (ref

The layout of this website is in the form of the 15 generations, with supporting data on census transcription pages, IGI index transcription pages, a complete index of names of everyone mentioned (the "Names" button above), and a page index that leads directly to each individual page in the website (the "Page Index" button above). To start reading from oldest downwards, press the button above ("Family History Next Gen"). The Home Page button takes you to my other family trees.

There are many gaps and assumptions which may be proved or disproved later with further evidence, particularly in the early information which is largely based on information from various Wills.

In such a huge tree, it is possible that there might be many mistaken assumptions due to identical names, ages and places. I would be delighted to have any of these pointed out to me, or if anyone can provide further information.

The direct line to Fred Shade is
(1) Richard Boreman/Burman & Agnes,
(2) Roger Burman & Alice,
(3) Thomas Burman & Joan,
(4) Johannes/John Burman & Elizabeth,
(5) John Burman & Anna Courte,
(6) Richard Burman & Joice,
(7) John Burman & Margaret Hurlestone,
(8) John Burman & Rebecca Green,
(9) John Burman & Mary Insull,
(10) John Burman & Esther/Hester Field,
(11) Richard Burman & Anna Shuttleworth,
(12) William Insull Burman & Sarah Smith,
(13) Anna Sophia Burman & Thomas Johnson, (goes to JOHNSON tree)
(14) Alfred Thomas Johnson & Sarah Ann Bysouth,
(15) Ada Evenia Johnson & Albert Shade, (goes to SHADE tree)
(16) Albert Ernest Shade & Mary Beatrice Chapple.

Attached is a BURMAN FAMILY TREE POSTER in three parts which shows the descendancy from the top of the tree down to Fred Shade.
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Recent Changes

Many details of the descent from John Banister on generation 12, added to that and following 2 generations, added on 10 Dec 2017
Marriage of cousins Sarah Ann Burman and Frederick John Burman on generation 13 added 23 Nov 2017
The Will of Elizabeth Burman (proved 1706) added to generation 6 on 8 Oct 2015
The marriages of Stephen Burman to Martha Bishop and Susanna Acrod in London on page 5 and the discovery of the baptisms of their children, on page 6, added 18 Apr 2015

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This family tree is provided for mutual information within the family.
The information given will be referenced by official documents, family bibles etc.
Information that is uncertain or unreferenced will not be published.
For privacy of the present generations, the family tree will halt at the generation born around the start of the 20th century.
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