Edwards ~ Second Generation

    Issue of Thomas Edwards and Mary  
1.   James EDWARDS
Bap 9 Jun 1767 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales, son of Thomas and Mary Edwards (ref LDS tape #1040019 seen by LS).
This aligns well with his calculated date from his burial.

James married 3 Apr 1800 at Rickling, Essex to Elizabeth NOTTAGE; the register records that he came from the Parish of St George Hanover Square, Middlesex; one of the witnesses was William Edwards, assumed to be his brother and the person below in this tree (ref R.Millard).
"James Edwards of the Parish of Saint George Hanover Square in the County of Middlesex Bachelor and Elizabeth Nottage of the Parish of Rickling in the County of Essex Spinster were married in this Church by Licence the 3rd Day of April one thousand eight hundred by me Thomas Burgess (?) Vicar. This marriage was solmenized between us James Edwards, Elizabeth Nottage, in the presence of us Thomas Nottage, Isaac Nottage, Rebekah Nottage, William Edwards, Murray Cathcart Burgess.

James died 13 Sep 1835 and was buried 18 Sep 1835 at Harlow dist, Essex.
"Sept 18th 1835. Buried in Foster Street Burial Ground Mr James Edwards, late of Harlow and formerly of Clavering in this County, who died on the 13th instant aged 67 years. Thomas Finch Minister." (ref Essex records from R. Millard)


  1. Mary EDWARDS born c1801 at Rickling, Essex  
  2. Thomas EDWARDS born c1804 at Rickling, Essex
2.   Margaret EDWARDS
Bap 28 Feb 1770 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales, daughter of Thomas and Mary Edwards, born Jany 5th (ref LDS tape #1040019 seen by LS).

3.   William EDWARDS
Bap 19 Apr 1773 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales, son of Thomas and Mary Edwards (ref LDS tape #1040019 seen by LS).
This aligns well with his calculated date from his burial.

By 1801 he was a member of the Parish of St George Hanover Square, Middlesex.

The most likely marriage (1) of William Edwards to Maria is that of Maria GREENWAY. Maria was born c1780 based on the age of death at her probably burial.

The marriage was 12 Oct 1801 at St George Hanover Square, and they were both of this Parish; witnesses were William Bavister (whose marriage took place on the same day with William Edwards as witness) and T.H.Thompson, who appears as a witness to many of the weddings in the parish so must have been employed there. No further record has been found of William Bavister and his wife, Sarah Bletchley. (Ref Ancestry London Marriages).

Maria's baptism has not been found in London records. A James Greenway from Box, Wiltshire lived in the parish of St Mary Abbots, Kensington at the same time that William and Maria did, and is currently being researched to see if he might be a relative, even a brother. James was a confectioner/pastry cook living at Queens Buildings, Kensington.

Son William was bap 1802 at St George Hanover Square, Westminster, and also daughter Maria in 1803 and daughter Caroline in 1804 and daughter Charlotte in 1806. Daughter Sophia was bap 1809 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, and their residence was Trafalgar Place; the same with son Frederick's baptism & burial in 1811 and son Charles John's baptism in 1813 and son Henry's baptism in 1817 and son George's baptism in 1819 and daughter Caroline's burial and son Frederick's baptism in 1821; in 1813, 1817, 1819 and 1821 William's occupation was Servant. Trafalgar Place is situated on the attached map and has the alternative name South End Row, by which it is now known.

It is very possible that William was employed either in connection with Kensington Palace or Kensington Gardens. The move to Greenwich suggests a similar connection. Between 1821 and 1824, William, his wife Maria, and many of the children moved to Greenwich where he was employed as a page to Her R.H.Princess Sophia Matilda and as a Park Keeper.

In 1824 at the burial of son George, in 1834 at the burial of son Frederick, in 1837 at the burial of daughter Sophia, and in 1838 at the death of son William John, his abode was George St, Greenwich. A map from the time showing George Street, Greenwich is attached. This is now called King George Street, and is perpendicular to and meets Greenwich Park (map courtesy Ralph Millard 2013).

The most likely burial of Maria, in 1830, lists her abode as George St. The record lists the burial of Maria Edwards, abode George St, buried 8 Jan 1830, aged 50, buried at St Alphage, Greenwich (ref Ancestry London Burials).


William married (2) Maria BIGGS in 1834 at Westminster (St George Hanover Square) (ref Boyd's Marriage Index). William was a widower of the Parish and Maria was a spinster of the parish of St Mary Abbott, Kensington (ref image in fmp). Bap of Maria Biggs 27 May 1801 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, dau of John & Judith Biggs; residence Old Brompton (ref Ancestry London Baptism). These details for Maria match her subsequent age and birthplace.

In 1837 (at baptism of dau Maria) William's address was George Street and his occupation was given as Page to Her R.H. Princess Sophia Matilda (ref Ancestry London Baptisms); in 1854 (at Maria's marriage) the same occupation was given. His name and occupation (Park Keeper) is given in the marriage certificate of son Charles John on 31 Aug 1843. In the marriage of son Henry in 1844, his occupation is given as Page.

In 1838 the death occurred of his eldest son: Death of William John Edwards 9 Feb 1838 "at past 3 o'clock in the morning at Greenwich", age 37 years, occupation Shopkeeper, cause of death "Decline", Informant William Edwards, Father, 3 George Street, Greenwich, Present at death" (ref Death Certficate copy held by LS). Burial of William John Edwards 16 February at St Alphege parish, Greenwich, abode George Street, age 38 [sic] (ref Ancestry London deaths and burials).

Ref 1841 census. Kent, England. Civil parish of Greenwich. Registration District of Greenwich Union. Address: Croom's Hill, Greenwich.
Together with daughter Matilda (4), and Emily Pye (18), F.S., who married in 1844 Henry Edwards, William's son:
Wm Edwards. Age 69. Under Park Keeper. Not born in Kent.
Maria Edwards. Age 35. Not born in Kent.

William Edwards died 13 July 1843 at Park Lodge, Greenwich Park, age 70, occupation Under Park Keeper, cause of death Natural Decay, Informant Henry Edwards [son], in attendance, residence No. 14 Royal Hill, Greenwich (ref Death Certificate copy with LS). He was buried 20 July 1843 at St Alphage parish, Greenwich (ref Ancestry London deaths and burials).

Ref 1851 census. Kent, England. Civil Parish of St Alphege Greenwich. Registration District of Greenwich. Address: 3 George St, St Alphege Greenwich.
Together with dau Maria M (13):
Maria Edwards. Head. Widow. Age 49. Lodging House Keeper & Fund Holder. Born Brompton, Middlesex.

Ref 1861 census. Surrey, England. Civil Parish of Rotherhithe. Registration district of Rotherhithe. Address: 4 Brickley Row, Rotherhithe.
Together with dau Maria M (23) and her husband William T Ashwin (34):
Maria Edwards. Mother in Law. Widow. Age 59. Householder. Born Brompton Middlesex.

Ref 1871 census. Hampshire, England. Civil Parish of Portsea. Registration District of Portsea Island. Address: 35 Green Row.
At the home of James Evans (60), Gardener, and family:
Maria Edwards. Lodger. Wid. Age 68. Born Middlesex London.

Ref 1881 census. Gloucestershire, England. Civil Parish of Cheltenham. Registration District of Cheltenham. Address: 1 & 2 Portland Terrace, Cheltenham.
At the home of John Rowland (59), Green Grocer, and family:
Maria Edwards. Boarder. Widow. Age 79. Annuitant. Born Middlesex Kensington.

Death reg of Maria Edwards Mar qtr 1887 at Winchcomb dist, Gloucestershire aged 85 (ref FreeBMD). No probate found.

photo album containing photos of the Hake, Hemsley and Edwards family members has been the means of connecting and enabling the assumption that Charlotte who married into the Hemsley family and whose daughter married into the Hake family, is part of the same Edwards family - some of whom are named in the album.
See also the 1851 census records for Charles John Edwards and Lucy Edwards where they are working with members of the Hemsley family.

Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester was born 29 May 1773 and died 29 Nov 1844, a member of the British Royal Family, a great granddaughter of George II; she was a daughter of Prince William Henry and Maria Walpole, of the House of Hanover. Sophia never married nor had any children. She lived at New Lodge in Winkfield near Windsor in Berkshire, and at Ranger's House at Greenwich. For further details, see the Wikipedia entry on Princess Sophia of Gloucester.
In the London Gazette of 3 Dec 1844, the following notice appeared:
"Whitehall, December 3,1844. On the 29th day of November last, Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Matilda departed this life, at her residence, Blackheath, to the grief of Her Majesty, and of the Royal Family."
The Ranger's House, Greenwich, was built privately about 1700, adjacent to Greenwich Park.The house was later passed to the Crown and in the early 19th century became the residence of Princess Sophie Matilda of Gloucester. For further details see the Wikipedia entry on Ranger's House.
Her funeral procession from Blackheath is described on the
London Gazette attachment. She was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor.


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1841 census

1851 census

1861 census

1871 census

1881 census
    Children of William and Maria (1):  
  1. William John EDWARDS born 1801, bap 1802 at St George Hanover Square, Middlesex  
  2. Maria EDWARDS born 1803, bap 1803 at St George Hanover Square, Middlesex  
  3. Caroline EDWARDS born 1804, bap 1804 at St George Hanover Square, Middlesex  
  4. Charlotte EDWARDS born 1805, bap 1806 at St George Hanover Square, Middlesex  
  5. George EDWARDS (1) born 1807 at Kensington, Middlesex  
  6. Sophia EDWARDS bap 1809 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
  7. Frederick EDWARDS (1) born 1810, bap 1811 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
  8. Lucy EDWARDS born c1812 at Kensington, Middlesex  
  9. Charles John EDWARDS born 1813, bap 1813 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
  10. Henry EDWARDS (1) born 1815 at Kensington, Middlesex  
  11. Henry EDWARDS (2) bap 1817 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
  12. George EDWARDS (2) born 1818, bap 1819 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
  13. Frederick EDWARDS (2) bap 1821 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Middlesex  
    Child of William and Maria (2):  
  14. Maria Matilda EDWARDS bap 1837 at St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent
4.   ? John Stuart EDWARDS
Farmer and Gentleman of Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales (ref marriages of 2 sons).
Born c1783 (ref 1851 census). See previous page for a discussion of whether he was a member of the same family, which appears unlikely now that the records have been searched. However this information has been retained pending further discoveries.

There are many other member of the Edwards family born in this area in Wales, connections not proved. For the family, the area of Broad Heath is significant, and around 1851, in the slighter wider area of Presteigne there were on average 8-10 Edwards births every year so it was a significant centre for the wider Edwards family.

On 6 May 1808, one month before the wedding of John Stuart Edwards and Amelia James, their full names appear as witnesses to the marriage of William Powell a Bachelor and Catherine Edwards a Spinster, in the parish church at Presteigne, which suggests that Catherine was a sister of John (ref Church Records of Presteigne on LDS film #1040020 seen by LS).

The marriage of John Stuart Edwards and Amelia JAMES took place on 9 June 1808 at the parish church of Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales; the marriage was by licence; witnesses are unclear (ref Church Records of Presteigne on LDS film #1040020 seen by LS). The marriage is not found in FamilySearch. Amelia [see below for discussion about her surname], was a Proprietor of Houses, born c1791 (ref 1861 census) at Tuglin [Ty-Glyn near Cilcennin], Cardiganshire, Wales.

It appears that Amelia had a sister Ann Elizabeth James who was living with her in later census records. In some FamilySearch trees there are baptisms for Amelia James 29 Jun 1790 and Ann Elizabeth James 4 Jan 1795, both at Kilkennin [Cilcennin], Cardiganshire. On 25 Mar 1812, Ann Elizabeth James married Edward Deacon at Leyton, Essex (ref Ancestry, England and Wales Marriages).

Amelia not found in 1841 census.
Ref 1841 census. Shropshire, England. Civil parish of Stanton Lacy. Registration District of Ludlow. Address: Stanton Lacy.
Together with children Richard (20), Amelia (15), Charles (12), Elizabeth (9) and 6 servants:
John Edwards. Age 55. Farmer. Not born in Shropshire.
In the 1841 census at Belgrave Street, St Pancras, Marylebone were living Ann James (80), Ind, and Ann Deacon (40), Ind. Ann James was probably the mother of the two girls. Her death has not been identified.

Ref 1851 census. Shropshire, England. Civil Parish of Stanton Lacy. Registration dist of Ludlow. Address: Stanton Lacy.
Together with children Edward (23), Catherine (35), Elizabeth (18) and 4 servants:
John Stewart Edwards. Head. Mar. Age 68. Farming 3050 Acres employing 9 men. Born Radnorshire Presteign.
Ref 1851 census. Herefordshire, England. Civil Parish of Lugwardine 2nd Part. Registration dist of Hereford. Address: Tidnor House, Lugwardine 2nd Part.
Together with daughter Amelia (Horsburgh) and family:
Amelia Edwards. Visitor. Mar. Age 60. Wife of a Landed Proprietor. Born Tuglin [Ty-Glyn], Cardiganshire.
In the 1851 census at 173 Prospect Place, Paddington were living Ann James, Lodger, Widow (93), Annuitant, born Presteign, Radnorshire, and Ann Deacon, Lodger, Widow (56), Annuitant, born Talkin [Ty-Glyn], Cardiganshire.

John died 6 July 1860. Death reg of John Stuard (also reg as Sterard) Edwards Sep qtr 1860 at Ludlow dist, Shropshire (ref FreeBMD).
"EDWARDS John Stuart. Effects under 300. 30 July [1860]. Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the Personal estate and effects of John Stuart Edwards late of Stanton Lacey in the County of Salop Gentleman deceased who died 6 July 1860 at Stanton Lacey aforesaid were granted at Shrewsbury to Edward Edwards of Boreton in the said County Farmer one of the Children of the said Deceased he having been first sworn." (ref Ancestry National Probate)

Ref 1861 census. London, England. Civil Parish of St Mary Abbots Kensington. Registration District of Kensington. Address: 2 Norfolk Villas, St Mary Abbots Kensington.
Together with son Charles S (32) and 2 servants:
Amelia Edwards. Mother. Widow. Age 70. Landed Proprietor. Born Cardiganshire Kelkenniny [Cilcennin].
Anne E Deacon. Aunt. Age 66. Landed Proprietor. Born Cardiganshire Kelkenniny [Cilcennin].

Death reg of Amelia Edwards Dec qtr 1863 at Kensington dist, no age given, and no probate. More probable, death reg of Amelia Edwards Dec qtr 1866 at Basford dist aged 76 (ref FreeBMD). No probate found.

Ann Elizabeth Deacon died on 30 Jun 1871. Death reg of Elizabeth Anne Deacon Sep qtr 1871 at Basford dist, Nottinghamshire [includes Ilkeston] aged 76 (ref FreeBMD).

Ann Elizabeth Deacon was buried in All Souls Cemetery, abode Ilkeston, Derby, 5 July 1871 aged 76 (ref Ancestry).
"DEACON Ann Elizabeth. Effects under 450. 13 September [1871]. Administration of the effects of Ann Elizabeth Deacon late of Ilkeston in the County of Derby Widow who died 30 June 1871 at Ilkeston was granted at the Principal Registry to Charles Stuart Edwards of Norfolk-terrace Bayswater in the County of Middlesex Warehouseman the Nephew and one of the Persons entitled in Distribution." (ref Ancestry National Probate).

1841 census

1851 census

1861 census
  1. John James EDWARDS born c1810 at Broad Heath, Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  2. Anne EDWARDS born c1811 at Broad Heath, Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  3. William EDWARDS born c1813 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  4. James EDWARDS bap 1815 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  5. Robert EDWARDS born c1818 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  6. Richard EDWARDS bap 1820 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  7. Edward EDWARDS (1) bap 1821 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  8. Amelia EDWARDS bap 1823 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  9. Catherine EDWARDS bap 1824 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  10. Edward EDWARDS (2) bap 1826 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  11. Charles Stuart EDWARDS bap 1829 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  
  12. Elizabeth EDWARDS born c1833 at Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales  

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